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Any Help or Observations Appreciated

Guys, just found this forum, wish I had studied more before I began. I will start with my labs and go from there.
11/05/2013 - 3/9/2012
Age: 39 / 38
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 170 / 235
BF%: 12% / +25%
Waist: 31" /41"
Body Hair: Dense lower body, mostly absent on chest- non on back. Facial hair: splotchy beard full mustache.
Fat Carry: Mostly in stomach and sides. Also some in chest
Symptoms: Was lethargic, depressed.
Rx: Welbutrin, Zoloft, Prilosec
Diet: I do some fasting but still take in maintenance or above. If I am in deficit it is usually no lower than 25% below maint.
Training is 3-6 days a week, no more than 2 houirs a day. Prior to beginning excercise program over a year ago, I was completely sedentary.
3/9/12 3/19/12 4/2/12 11/7/12 2/4/13 9/6/13
Testosterone, Total 195.0-1138.0 ng/dL 131 148 189 176 343 503

Prolactin 5.1 3 - 15 ng/ml
Done 11/16/2012

Component Your Value Standard Range Units
FSH 2.9 1.42 - 15.4 mIU/ml
Done on 3/22/2012

Component Your Value Standard Range Units
LH 2.4 0.6 - 12.1 mIU/ml
Done on 3/22/2012

Testosterone, Free 4.8 8.7 - 25.1 pg/mL
Done on 3/19/2012

My Doctor also did an MRI with contrast to check Pituitary and rest of brain for any abnormalities on 4/05/2012.

So he initially started me off on injections, which I received one of before I had some kind of reaction from(picture attached was a hard mass under the skin for almost a week) so with that he then put me on Androgel. I waited to start the Androgel until around October of 2012. From there my T Levels above shows how that has progressed. I am currently on 3 Pumps of 1.62% daily. I would appreciate any observations by those in the know.