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Any Help/Comments Are Appreciated

I am trying to get to the body I have always wanted. A muscular aesthetic look. I want to put on muscle while not gaining too much fat. I was fat in HS, highest was 5’10 225, now in college I am about 168 and skinny fat. I really would like to be 185-190 with most of that being muscle. I don’t want to look the same as I do now with more muscle, so I am trying to gain LBM…

I guess you could call it a clean bulk. I would say all but one of my meals in a week are clean, mostly whole food. And its not a cheat meal really, its like a burger with a bun and a few corn chips, its not like I am eating 2 big macs.

height: 6’0
Weight: 168lb
bf%: my caliper says about 15, but i don’t believe it. I mostly use it just to see if I gained any fat, i don’t care too much about the %.

Goals: Gain LBM with minimal fat gain and look good nekkid haha.

Training: CT’s How to Design a Damn Good Program for Size
4 days a week

Nutrition: Lower carb, mod fat, high protein

Nonworkout days- ~2700 cals <70g carbs from fruit, veggies and nuts.
Workout days- ~2700 + surge. All carbs are periworkout

Food choices: Chicken, beef, eggs, turkey, tuna, shrimp, fish, protein powders, nuts, green veggies, some peppers, apples, berries, oats, whole grain bread, quiona, yogurt

I will try to update everyday, any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thats right

Can you say Franco?

Double Bi

Training Wheels


Also I will be playing basketball and tennis recreationaly a couple times a week and possibly a manual labor job. I also do soft tissue work with a tennis ball and a golf ball after every training day.

Hey man,

have you calculated your daily caloric expenditure? If you have then no biggie. Your diet will be crucial as it is for everybody else so make sure you have that down to the T.

From just looking at your pics I would say to not worry so much about putting on fat while bulking up, just keep it under control. You have some muscle and if you put on 30lbs or so and then dieted down to get lean I think you would like the results far better than worrying about staying lean now. Just don’t let the fat get out of hand. 30 lbs of fat will do no good. lol

With doing extra work with basketball and a manual labor job you may need to increase your calories. Only you will know how much because you only know how hard you are working.

After you post your workouts and maybe a nutrition plan I’d be glad to help man.


Today was a shoulder/trap day

Snatch- I never really did any before so I was working on form mostly, it still sucks

B1- Bradford Press- 3x10 @70/70/80
B2- Face Pulls- 3x10 @75

C1- DB Seated Lateral Raise- 3x12 @15 hold at top for 2sec
C2- DB Shrugs 3x12 @85

a little abs

I played a little basketball today as well for like 45 minutes

10 am:
4 eggs 2 egg whites
4 pieces of turkey bacon
2 slice of WW bread
natty pb
2 scoops Muscle Milk

a pb and J sandwich
an apple

played basketball

Powerdrive and started sipping my Surge


50g rolled oats
1/4c blueberries
1 scoop Metabolic Drive

Chicken Breast with veggies

2 scoops MD
2 tbs natty pb

something idk yet

Today was a random day, kind of hectic. I had everything timed out then it got shot to shit , so I had to improvise.

According to JB’s Massive Eating, I need about 3500 cals a day.

I think I am going to be more lenient on my carb intake on workout days. It’s really hard to get in that many cals without carbs, for me anyway.