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Any Healthy Super Bowl Recipes?


Does anyone have some healthy Super Bowl recipies that are good for you and also good tasting?

I was planning on using whole wheat tortias along with some pizza sauce and cheese for a so-so acceptable meal for the superbowl. Although it's p+f+c ;/

Anything you guys can think of that would work?


Shrimp Cocktail?

How about Fretatas...

12 Omega 3 eggs, ham, cheese, peppers, onions etc.

Big frying pan, sautee the veggies, add in other stuff like ham and cheese, cook on stove until bottom solidifies. Stick pan (oven-safe like cast iron etc.) and bake @ 350 until cooked (keep an eye on it because it varies with pans/stoves etc.)

Just before serving, out it on broil for a minute or two to brown the top and serve in squares.

Get creative with what you put in it.


Chili is a football standard. Here's a link that has Dr. Berardi's chili.



screw that. I want some artery clogging pizza and some liver damaging beer.


try mixing cottage cheese, salsa, and fat free cheddar and heating it up in the microwave. throw in some baked tortillas and you're good to go
also you could get some lean beef and make burgers and use 100% whole wheat bread instead of buns.
i'll personally be doing these two and/or barbecuing some boneless skinless chicken breast while my (lard ass) housemates eat pizza and drink beer.


Same here..best Holiday out of the entire year..might as well do it up!


I made a big batch of chili. Pretty healthy. I use ground up Buffalo which is real lean and some venison I had from hunting season.

The wife made a great snack. Strips of chicken sauteed with some jerk seasoning. Some chicken sausage sliced up and peeled shrimp with some spicy seeasoning. The shrimps are mild, the other two pretty tangy so you can take your pick.

Our guests will bring a bunch of different things but at least I have a few healthy options.

Beer drinking day for me. I don't have many but that's why I host the party. No driving.


Today is a cheat day... at least I'm bulking and have been eating a ton of calories anyway.

I know that after the beer starts flowing I'm going to eat whatever the hell I want.


Linguisa sammies

French Roll


about 1000cals in the sitting.


At that point eating takes a back seat.


A Seahawks victory--------------

or lose by 3 or less.

VERY healthy!!!!!


Yeah I've got a case in the fridge..guess we'll start with that and see where the night leads us...