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Any Harm in Trying Arimidex?

My hormonal levels are less then desirable and have been this way since I was 17 and I am now 22. When the change first happened I had my testosterone levles tested several times and they came back anywhere from 230-630. I usually don’t get morning erections anymore as opposed to getting them everyday for as long as I can remember, I also feel different then I did especially my memory being worse. I just kind of gave up trying to get back to normal because doctors said I was to high to be treated and worrying about something I had no way of fixing doesnt help things. I new I was not my normal self and I don’t like the idea of being dependent on trt for life anyway since I am doing ok and can still function normally have sex ect.

I carry a good amount of chest fat. Not a ungodly amount but more then I would like, I also seem to retain alot of water. This makes me wonder if trying Arimidex at really low levels and slowing increasing dosage might help me. Is there any harm to getting some Arimidex and trying it? Do I need to be worried about estrogen rebound if I stick to a minimal dose for a month just to see what its like? I dont want to harm myself or do any long term damage but it seems if arimidex is safe I might as well.

Hello my friend: First-off there is no One trick pony,but monotherapy with arimedex,or clomid are used to help the endocrine system to restore the natural bio-available testosterone. Along with arimedex,a diet to loose bodyfat is critical? Bodyfat and high estrogen level’s go hand in hand. Also gain some lean muscle tissue.By gaining 10,or 20 pound’s of lean muscle tissue your metabolism is working at a more efficient level.The more muscle tissue,the more active and efficient are metabolism’s are. In closing;be patient,as this is not a diet,it’s a lifestryle? all the best johnny

Have you had your E2 and thyroid (TSH, T3, T4 Free and Total) levels checked?

Ditto, we can be a lot more helpful if you have more lab data.

We need E2 levels, and the thyroid issue comes up because it can create many of the same symptoms that you describe and can also lower T levels, as well as making people fat and unable to loose.


Check your body temperature when you first wake up, with an oral thermometer. Try do do this before you get out of bed. And check mid afternoon. Post results here. No talking, drinking, eating or training for a while before taking your temperature.

We need to know your iodine intake. Using iodized salt [you should]. You are taking vitamins with iodine in them? If yes, how much and how long have you used that product.

Post lab results with ranges if available.

My thyroid levels are at a good level. I don’t remember the numbers but they where above average.
I don’t no what E2 is at. My body fat is pretty typical I carry more fat on my chest though compared to other parts of my body I weigh 175 at and I would guess I am at 15% body fat defiantly not fat but far from being lean either. My levels are way down for what my body should naturally be making. I noticed the lower T after a course of antibiotics.

I’ve never heard of antibiotics causing low T. I do know things like mumps and high fever can damage the testicles. What pathology where you taking antibiotics for?

Above average thyroid means nothing without numbers. Especially if a doc told you that.

Don’t start anything without proper labs.

Read the stickies and get the proper lab work. Most docs will not test the things in the sticky and will outright refuse. If they give you a lab print out, do what you have to do. Check online for the lab codes to get the correct tests.

I was taking antibotics for acne and I did a course of doxycyline for less then 2 months I noticed a huge drop in sex drive after words and less energy no doctors will tell me what happened and I told my family that it affected my memory and they laughed at me. I remember looking at my Thyroid hormones. The main thyroid hormone was well above average and and in a healthy range I cant say the exact numbers because of it was a while ago and it slipped my mind.

Does anyone have any idea how antiboitcs could do this? I will get a blood test and comeback.

I know Ks and others will give you a much more detailed answer but for know mine is that, yes the antibiotics are nasty shit and being that if you are saying the ONLY change you have made is the doxycline for the same period of time all those negative sides have occured it seems pretty obvious…but maybe I’m wrong. Here is something I’m pretty confident of though, you should look into getting a nice solid run of probiotics into your system to help restore all the good bacteria that antibiotic indescrimenantly wiped out. Good luck and you have a some bright people here to help so be happy :slight_smile: btw I don’t mean me lol

Post your thyroid labs with ranges, we need to see such things. We often catch problems that docs miss.


-Wipe out gut bacteria. You and your gut bacterial have a symbiotic relationship. There is way more genetics and bio-processes in your gut than your body.

-Hormone disrupter. "Previously, doxycycline was believed to impair the effectiveness of many types of hormonal contraception due to CYP450 induction. "

How an individual is effected is never known. Many feel unwell taking antibiotics.

It controls how your DNA/genes are expressed/repressed. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetracycline-controlled_transcriptional_activation

FSH 4.5 miu/ml 1.3-19.3

LH 4.9 miu/ml 1.2-8.6

Estrogen total <50 pg/ml

Free T3 3.4 pg/ml 2.1-3.7

Free t4 1.28 ng/dl .9-1.7

Total test 451 ng/dl 250-1100

free 94.6 pg/ml 35.5-155

% free 2.10 1.5-2.10

TSH 1.44 .27-4.2

These are my labs I came across. I still need to get E2 tested

Taken in the moring

Can you edit the above and add the lab ranges?

TSH data?

[quote]KSman wrote:
Can you edit the above and add the lab ranges?

TSH data?


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Can you double check fT3 range?

LH/FSH are consistent with your T data.

Now please fully respond to my post of 12/16