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Any Harley owners

Hey fellas, I was just wondering if you guys could give me any leads on finding a basket case harley, either wrecked/no title, etc, I want to get one and rebuild it from the ground up, hope to get one in Oct. and have it rebuilt by May…anyone have a a hog? and what is your guys’ favorite model?

Basket Case Harley? Arent they all? Overpriced, underpowered, ill handling American Junk. This is the best country in the world to live, but damn we build crap motorcycles… Oh, Sorry, check E-bay…

anyone else?

I own a 2001 fxsts and love it. Just finished adding a wide tire to it. My next project is to replace the bars and controls. Although it can be an exspensive hobby, but so is restoring a old muscle car.

I want to rebuild some type of softtail, get a wide tire, new fork, maybe make it a chopper, but i cant find a busted bike, hahha, friggin ebay sucks.

What’s the difference between a Harley and a vacuum cleaner???

Oooo Oooo I know this one. On the Harley the dirt bag is on the outside… Here’s one. What do dogs and Harleys have in common? They both love the beds of pickup trucks!

MDLP, you have some serious issues, don’t you? Yes the Jap bikes are faster, but sound like overgrown mosquitoes and aren’t worth half of what you pay for them once they have had a title on them. I bought my '96 fxdl(low rider in case you didn’t know that) new. I sold it in 2001 for 5 grand more than what I had in it. That will never happen with a Jap, German, Italian, or Brit bike. Don’t get me wrong, I have had some of all of them, but I prefer my Road King Classic and Heritage Softail to all of them. They are comfortable, sound great, very dependable and are easy to get my money back out of them if I wanted. Granted, my old Knuckle and Pan aren’t worthy of taking a long trip without taking some tools along, but they are very fun bikes and are simple to work on. Plus, I can make a lot of money on them if I want. So poke fun all you want at the American cruisers, Japs are trying to copy them and they are doing a pretty good job of it, but none of them are any more dependable than my two twin cam Harleys and the resale value of them is crap.

You are an idiot. Buy American or you will be wasting your money. The twin cam Harleys are very reliable and the resale value is usually more than MSRP. With the foreign bikes, you are lucky to get half your money back.

MDLP, you probablaby drive a super-bionic civic don’t ya? (No offense to T-readers who do.) I recently sold my 01’ yamaha r1 and bought a 2002 Harley Davidson VRod. This bike is fucking awesome. I owned a CBR 600, an older ducati, and my r1. While I loved my R1, it is no comparison to my HD. My dad has been hounding me for years to get off the crotch rocket and onto a harley. I only wish I would have listened sooner. There is no comaprison to the compliments, prestige, and looks the harley gets. I’ve never had a chic approach me while on the yamaha, and It has happened twice in the three weeks I’ve owned my VRod. Dirtbag on the bike huh? Right… have fun tuning you weed whacker. Anty16, I plan on building a custom harley as soon as I pay the Vrod off in 3years, good luck with your search.

antny16, try e-bay. It may take a while, but you can find some great deals on wrecked, salvage titled bikes. I suggest an evo if you can get it. The shovels, pans, knuckles are all fun to work on but if you are going to be doing a lot of riding, you will be working on them regularly. The flatheads are also great bikes, but the 45"ers aren’t very fast without quite a bit of work. Also, parts availability for evo’s is great. I am kind of partial to the touring bikes due to mine and my wife’s height, but if you can find an old fxr, that would be the bike to get. They handle and ride great and the rake and trail is perfect for all styles of riding. I recently helped a buddy customized his 93 fxrs and it is awesome.