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Any Guys with Long Hair?


Are there any other guys on the forum with really long hair? I've been growing my hair out since high school so I can get an enormous mohawk, but coincidentally it turned out that I have a really nice head of hair; so much so that I've put off getting the mohawk for years.

I'm making this thread not only to see who else has an appreciable mane, but as a last hoorah for all this stuff growing out of my skull.



Here's me 15 years ago...... and last year.







I am considering growing mine out. I am dreading the looong transition phase however. I don't think anyone looks good in that phase.


"Transition Phase"

This picture was actually taken at a hurricane shelter I was at in Baton Rouge when the school evacuated during Katrina.



Hey Dizzle
Don't tell me that's a cigarette you're holding in that pic!

So true! I cut my hair back in '04 and went through 2 years looking like a dork until it grew out properly long again. lol


I'm going to have to wait another 15 years so I can retire from the military until I get to grow my hair out. Whenever I go to Death Metal shows, I'm like the one dork there who's got a shaved face and short hair.


I have been growing hair out, I hate it though. I've been growing out big beard also which is annoying also now that its summer. I prefer the short hair, its easy to take care of looks good and doesn't get in the way.


Nope. That a girl:)


Ha. Once I get to that point I will be home free. I mean from my buzz right now until it gets past my chin. That's going to be a good two years of looking like an idiot.


I've long hair for the first time in my life.

The hard points: the heat and the drying


I had long hair, it was a bet between my ex-roomate who could grow it longer. One night while I was passed out druink the fucker shaved my head. I then tried to re grow my hair but it didn't grow in the same way as the first time so I cut it off and I've had very short hair ever since


People say I look good with long hair, my hair is pretty nice, my barber has complimented it numerous times, as have the other hairdressers I've gone to in the past. But I think long hair is pretty lame, and prefer to keep my hair more or less buzzed.


I'm buzzed at the moment, but I get it down to neck length at least once a year.


Nah it's a straw.



Why don't you make an avatar with long hair?!


Ive had it around my eyes a few times and its just below my eyes now. I'm gona get it buzz'd for working out :slightly_smiling: its also a pain in the ass when swimming


i used to have massive long hair(metalhead)...then when i got tired of having it plain straight i locked it up into dreadlocks, then when i became a t-man i decided id cut it because i was tired of it and i they got in the way when id do barball squats.

above is a picture of when i was still dreadin


I've definitely got the long mane. But I don't have any pics.

Only thing I mind is the fact that I've got to put it back when I ride my motorcycle above 40 mph. Otherwise it gets knotted. Nothing else is really an issue.