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Any guys in NYC?

Wanted to find out if there were any t-men in NYC. Would be cool to meet some local builders to hang with.

Yeah, we have a whole F’n T-cell here in the NYC/Metro area. Been a whole lot of inactivity lately unless yo ucount Roman and I going out to see “Old School” last week. We would LIKE to get things up 'n screwed up. PM me for more info. That goes for anybody interested. We need to refresh and reestablish this freak show. If anyone has ideas for outings, gatherings, general meyhem in the area, speak the F up. We’re happy to oblige.

MBE: “NY’s Pwn since 1801.”

If you could pass on some info on the NYC t-cell, that would be great. I live in Westchester but work downtown. Thanks.


Whatsamatta, MBE?

Could it be the heat you feel now from the NW contingent? On the amazing mobilization effort of us West Coast T-Peoples? From the sensational upcoming two workshops from Mike Mahler that will be HERE? The second workshop, including our favorite “‘NOT’ Vin Diesel”, Christian Thibaudeau?

What? What? Could it be?