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Any Guys Here with Metal Plates, Screws, etc in Their Arms?

I’ve had a metal plate in my arm for almost 10 years. I’ve been lifting seriously for about two years. The only burden is when it comes to pressing.

While my deadlift is at 405 for one and my squat is 315 for five. My bench is a petty 185 for one. I am on Alpha Destiny’s novice program which has given me incredible gains in all but the pushing movements. I even struggle with overhead tricep extensions with an ex curl bar cuz I can only extension behind my head so much before feeling a slight pain in my left arm. Not only that my arm is a bit smaller than my right if you look at it carefully enough.
Oddly enough I can almost db press 100lbs despite my crappy bench. Sad I may never get to a 225lb bench when I think of it. Can anyone relate. I almost never hear of stories and injuries like this (where someone has a metal plate) in the lifting community.

I think regardless of you injuries with metal plates and screws its important to be aware of what muscles need to be strengthened and released so that the scapula is in optimal alignment.