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Any Great Books on the Iron Life?

first of all sorry to hear you’re out Gerdy, it’s nice to have people post who train and are competing.

there are too many dumb/ignorant folks on here i agree, but there are also others w/ a wealth of knowledge and experience.

yes there are alot of 130lb to 160lb bla,bla,bla stories. (heck, my story is 145-195lb and climbing, but i like to train hard and study good shit.

i watched a 15 part series on Kevin Levrone today and can quote pumping iron line for line. I have magazines in my bathroom from Science, PubMed articles, and oversized men in tiny underwear flexing. I was happy that Dexter won, and how did Jay strip 15 lbs over water from pre-judging to the next day?

i stack my beta alanine w/ creatine and put Vitamin C w/ my arginine for added vasodilation. i try new stuff and keep what i think works and disregard what i find ineffective.

Q: any good books on the iron game, i own Arnold’s Encyclopedia, i’m looking for an autobiography or a first hand account of what it’s like to live in the life of a pro.

Secondly someone invite me into alpha cell, i won’t clutter it w/ posts.


“Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder”

“West Coast Bodybuilding Scene: The Golden Era” by Dick Tyler and Dave Draper

“Coming On Strong” by Franco Columbu (out of print)

“Gorilla Suit: My Adventures In Bodybuilding” by Bob Paris

“Muscle: Confessions of an Unlikely Bodybuilder” by Samuel W. Fussell

Not books, but:

Markus Rühl’s “big and loving it” and the other one (forgot the name, his last 2 basically) are both great DVD’s that show quite a bit of lifestyle and lots of fun… Shame that his English isn’t better…
You guys are missing out on a lot of his personality and jokes due to that (not just in the DVD but in general… The guy would have made a completely different impact outside of Germany if his command of the English language were better)


Arnold “the Education of a Bodybuilder” x2
Reading it at the mo actually - great read, tells his tale and what he went through to get to where he was at his peak.(and possibly beyond - I’m not that far in the book yet!!)

Sam Fussel’s book will certainly give you a description you won’t find in the muscle rags at the newstands. Great read though, my copy fell apart and is held together with duct tape -lol. Probably read it through at least 20 times over the years.


Mark Rippetoe’s “Strong Enough?”

Not a bodybuilding book, but definitely a good read.

dave draper- “brother iron, sister steel”
bill pearl - “keys to the inner universe”

[quote]tom8658 wrote:
Mark Rippetoe’s “Strong Enough?”

Not a bodybuilding book, but definitely a good read.[/quote]

Surprised nobody mentioned A Portrait of Dorian Yates.

Frank Zane: Mind, Body, Spirit.

Steve Reeves: Building the Classic Physique the Natural Way.

Vince Gironda: Unleashing the Wild Physique. (Not a biography, but awesome reading.)

Bruce Lee: Tao of Jeet Kune Do. Wait… wrong thread.