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Any *GOOD* Trainers in DFW?

My wife and I have this great arrangement; I don’t tell her what to do, and she doesn’t tell me to fuck off.

So now that she’s rededicating herself to losing fat and working out, she needs a trainer. My wife is very strong and doesn’t want to do “pink workouts” as she calls them.

We found a “great” guy we thought at our LA Fitness who signed her up and then apparently dumped her off on some geek who wanted her to do squats on the smith machine.

When my wife TOLD him she knows how to squat and wanted to do it in the rack, he started blabbling about injuries and so forth, so she’s done with these guys.

I could train her, but it would mean getting my workout done and then training her, or ruining my own workout with a ton of rest. She wants someone knowledgeable who can help her get stronger and thinner but can push her. She’s built like a powerlifter and has natural biceps as big as mine (yes I am ashamed!). It would just be best if she had a TRAINER. CSCS even better! Any ideas?