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Any Good Sugar Free or Low Sugar Jelly Out There?

I’d love a suggestion is anyone has experience. Thanks.

They use to make some called All Fruit. Haven’t bought any in a long time. Not sure how low sugar it really is, but it has no added sugar. Just cooked fruit.

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I believe the brand is Polaner. There is no added sugar, but obvs a few grams of natural sugar. FWIW, I like to use honey - it has a lower GI. I never really liked it until I started using it regularly, and now I love it.

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I’ve got a real addiction to pbj’s. I’ve found a great bread, natural peanut butter, now I just need a decently healthy jelly.

It very well could be. Might have been the store brand that said All Fruit. :anguished:

I like honey myself. There is a guy up the road that has an apple orchard. Good raw honey! One of my peeps got a huge jar of Agave Nectar and I tried to explain that it has like a 90% glycemic load and he just wasn’t having it. His daughter said it was good for him because it was organic. I said okay!

Just use smuckers sugar free jelly and jams.