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Any good shoulder programs out there?

After GG I’d like to do a shoulders program. My arm’s are looking great, but my shoulders are still kinda wimpy and small.

Does Ian King or Poliquien have one?

Or is there a page with a list of programs available, including shoulders and other muscle groups? I have done a lot of searching on t-mag but the results are on articles and not programs. I have also checked out kings page too.

Do lots & lots of overhead (not pushed) pressing. Take ~70% of your 1RM & do ~10-15 sets of 3-5, each with only ~60sec in between.

Yes, I believe poliquin and king both have shoulder programs on t mag. I know king does for sure at least cause i just finished it and was very pleased. Try the faq, i think thats where i found it.

Checkout the 321 Short Topic program from last week. Also one by Christian Thibaudeau a few weeks before that. King also had a big program that I think is linked through the FAQ page. It was part of one his columns.

Poliquin also has an excellent shoulder program from way back in the early T-mag days. Don’t know why a search wouldn’t turn it up…

The best shoulder program you can put yourself on is one that has military presses (seated or standing) and seated dumbbell shoulder presses.