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Any Good Natural Laxative?


I am looking for something that is natural and works. any ideas?


Vegetables and fruit, I believe it's the fiber for the bugs in our gut ; )


ground up flaxseed . start at 1 tea spoon a day n work up to 4 or 5 tea spoons a day spread out over the day .


Oatmeal and coffee.


psyillium husk


NO Xplode


x2. Bran muffin and coffee. My dad has a horrible story about eating a bran muffin and coffee in the morning, in a cab in D.C. rush hour traffic. You can guess the rest.





A laxative shouldnt cause diarrhea. Above advice is less than ideal


thought senna was bad for your liver.


600mg of caffeine should do the trick quite well.




Take about 4g of vitamin C on an empty stomach, at least 1 hr after your last meal and 1 hr before your next meal. Drink plenty of water.

Some people need more, others need a bit less. You could also throw in some magnesium (250-400 mg) but probably not necessary.


Magnesium Citrate does the trick for me.


I hear the same thing about alcohol. I didnt say to use it every day.


He's a pharmacist for a reason.


cholera works even better


Giardia or entamoebia hystolytica works real, real good.


2 cups of broccoli a day for a week. See if your colon isn't sparkly clean


I fully agree with Brick on this one, with the addition of glutamine. Each day I wake and have coffee, then 10g glutamine in 1l water, then 1hr later I have my morning oats. Everything happens like clockwork, just after the oats, every day