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Any Good Gyms in Etobicoke?


Hey folks,

I just moved to Etobicoke (Queensway and Park Lawn).

And was wondering if there are any have decent gyms in the area? I was looking for a 'T-man' gym (poser-free).





What's up it's Jay... if you have access to a car there is 365... only worked out there once (it used to be MONSTER GYM) and it's pretty nice... dumb bells go up 135+ lbs. and a fair amount of Hammer Strength and goodies... 24 hrs, 365 days a week last time I checked... too bad it's so far otherwise I would make that my gym... (I'm in Scarborough)





Jay, I think there is a 24 hr goodlife.

But that's too pink dumbell for you isn't it!?!


PM that X factor dude..he lives out in your neck of the woods..so he'll know better.

Any luck with searches on that thing they call the "internet?"