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Any Good Guidelines for Proportions?


Just wondering if there's any decent guidelines for what are considered good proportions.

Waist, calves, arms, chest, etc.


According to Steve Reeves, the 'classic', or 'ideal' physique should have upper arms, calves, and neck that all measure the same. There are also suggestions for waist to chest girth, but I forget.



Steve Reeves Ideal Measurements

Arm: 252% of Wrist circumfrence
Calf: 192% of Ankle cicumfrence
Neck: 79% of Head circumfrence
Chest: 148% of Pelvis circumfrence
Waist: 86% of Pelvis circumfrence
Thigh: 175% of Knee cicumfrence


Exactly. OP, it's all outlined in this article.



Reeves shot for a 24-inch difference between chest and waist, but he had 23 in his prime.

Also, he aimed for a 24-inch shoulder width and had 23 1/2 at his best.


Thanks. Maybe this is answered in the article, but I have a few more questions:

Arm - flexed or relaxed?
Chest - flexed or relaxed?
Thigh - what part? Mid thigh or thickest part?
Pelvis - is this the hips or around the ass?



Okay, after reading further I can narrow my questions down:

thigh - mid thigh or thickest part?
arm - flexed or relaxed?


Actually, reall good questions. I always assumed for the thigh that it's the thickest (approx. Midpoint) and for the arms relaxed and cold. I figure if im wrong about the arm then at least the arms will still be monster and not far out of proportion...

On my way to 21" arm's,realxed. Id be happy to find out it's the flexed measurement.


Hey, so Atlas ratio was Chest = 148% * Pelvis, and Waist = 86% * Pelvis. So Chest-to-waist would be 172%. But the "Golden Ratio" in the article for Shoulders is only 168%, and that includes the upper arms, right? Am I missing something?


Arm measurements are usually done flexed. When you read about a pro with 23" arms, they don't mean while hanging by their side unflexed.


prof, what do you think about the waist to chest difference? in contest shape, do you think youre capable of a 24 inch difference between waist/chest?


It really depends on what your working with. Do you have shored up biceps, high inserted calves, or perhaps narrow, not exactly straight clavicles? Are those joints of your small large or inbetween? Maybe your muscle bellies are naturally full and round or perhaps not. It is all individually different and going by steve reeves measurements on a frame like his, while being a goal, might be completely unrealistic. Get reasonably lean and post a few pictures and maybe you'll get some people to tell you whats out of proportion. This is a visual thing, not just a bunch of measurements


Are you saying you have 20" relaxed arms?

Got pics because that's huge.


That's all about genetics. I have large joints (I would assume considering an 8"wrist) and my waist is naturally wide because of my obliques. I doubt most of the guys on stage today aside from MAYBE Tony Freeman could pull that off.

Hell, I doubt most of the guys on stage in the last 30 years could pull that off. Maybe Buchanan or Melvin Anthony.


I think Melvin was probably close when he was in this kind of shape.


It's certainly impressive, but I've always thought crazy-narrow waists like that or Brian Buchanan made the physique look frail...

Lee Haney is right at the limit for looking proportionate IMO.





x4 I want to see this


@Bonez217 @Hallowed @sexyxe, and @spar4tee

No, I do not. Sorry to dissapoint.

I was saying based on a Reeves ratios's I would have to, and would, work up to a 21' relaxed arm. I have an 8 1/8 -8 1/4 inch wrist.

As of November my best was 16.5 unflexed and a 17.75 cold flex. However,on a 37" in arm. So they are look like 14's :frowning:

Im have no delusions thats why I have no pictures. Im proud of where I am for the things Ive had to overcome but, I have a ways to go before I can post pictures of anything that would compare to the likes of @bonez or x.

Someday I will though.