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Any Good Fitness Ideas?

Remember Suzanne somers “Thigh Master”? How many of you know that she sold something in the neighborhood of 6 million of these things in a relatively short period of time. At something like $39 a pop. Do the math, even after paying cost of goods sold, advertising, taxes etc, she was an instant multi-millionaire!

You see many fitness products marketed on television, through infomercials. Everytime I see them I always think that there must be some sort of product I could come up with.

Do any of you have any ideas?

If you are not comfortable tossing your ideas out on the board, you may send a PM.

It would be fun to knock a few ideas back and forth.

So you want us to help you deceive newbie women who are trying to get into better shape so you can make money off of them?

Um, no. I don’t think so, chump.

my “good” fitness idea to make me millions:

i’m going to design a specific fitness poster that people can refer to so that they can acomplish all their fitness goals. they will also be double sided, so either way, you can always get the message.

for example:
my first poster idea is to have one side say “YOU’RE FAT”. on the other side, though i haven’t prefected it yet, will probably read “GET TO THE GYM FAT ASS!” Some other ideas include “PUT DOWN THAT TWINKIE CHUNKY!” coupled with “MY GRANDMA BENCHES MORE THAN YOU, WUSS”. Other ideas include putting up pics of Christina Lindley with the caption “AT THIS RATE, YOU’LL NEVER GET HER…OR ANY” coupled with a pic of Rush Limbaugh with caption “THIS IS A MIRROR. NO KIDDING.”

if any of you T-maggers out there have any other ideas, i’ll gladly take them from you without acknowledging your contribution, but i may recognize your existence…maybe.

i’m off to make millions.

My friend used to get bored whenever he hung out in my basement weight room with me, so he started writing motivational messages on the blackboard down there. I would look up in the middle of a set of BP and see “Want donuts? Damn right you don’t!” along with “NOBODY LOVES THOSE HANDLES!”
I nearly dropped the bar on myself a couple times.


Well, I guess you told me, haha.I know you are busy with those 12 posts of yours trying to help others, but perhaps you should open your mind a bit.

What makes you think that the Thigh Master was a deceptive product? The FTC never attacked the makers of this product. I think it did exactly what it claimed to do. It deceived no one!

Don’t be a training snob. The women who purchased the Thigh Master were not exactly candidates for Squat and Deadlift records. On average they were women who were not going to do a whole lot of training. And for all you know the Thigh Master may have gotten them up off their fat butts and doing at least something. Others may have actually caught “training fevor” and joined a real gym. Guess you didn’t consider that huh?

For all you know the Thigh Master may have gotten many thousands of women into shape. Most of the products that I have seen on informercials, while not nearly as good as free weights, can help if used regularly.

Are Pavels Kettle balls as good as free weights? How about those weighted clubs? In my humble opinion they are both inferior (many would disagree and I respect that), however they are far better than doing nothing.

Just as that little ab crunching machine currently advertised on infomercials is better than doing nothing. If a product can get you up and moving around as opposed to sitting around, it has some value. Besides, who is to say that I cannot come up with something far better, I only used the Thigh Master as an example of a successful infomercial product. In the end it’s up to the consumer to decide which route that they want to take.

Now get back to me with a good idea so that we can make some real money.

How about a Kettlebell with a video tape of a 15 minute circuit you can do in your own home.

Show me your two million in investment capital and I’ll give you an idea.

And Susan Somers did not invent the Thigh Master nor get all the profit. I’m sure she did very well, but she was just paid to be in the ads. And, by the way, she later admitted to lipo on her thighs. I’m sick of seeing women get ripped off like this.


I think Pavel sells tapes with the Kettleballs.


I get it, you are tired of seeing women ripped off, but for two million dollars you don’t mind seeing them ripped off. Hey, I am not going to rip off anyone. Let’s come up with a quality product that will really help both men and women.

You are a nasty little critter. I hope you have nice legs to make up for being so dam mean, (haha I hope you are female after that comment-am I safe with a name like Karen?). I never stated that she “invented the thigh master.” Nor, did I state that she got all of the profit from it! Again, you assume to much.

Furthermore, what makes you think that it takes two million dollars to create and promote a product? Show me your research on this. Better yet write back with something negative and mean,

How about Kegel training with Kettles?? Now there is a muscle group that not enough women train! ;oP

Everyone is a comedian.

The market is saturated with gimmicks, why come up with more?

Starch blocker, Gazelle, Norris Bodyweight machine thingy, ab-doer, fat blocker, fat assasin. Need I say more?

Sleep away the pounds. Eat all you want and not gain the weight. Get rock hard abs with our 8 minute video.

Just my humble opinion, alot of the things people talk about being rip offs do actually work. When you combine them into an actual workout, for examble ab-wheels, 8 minute abs, swiss fitness balls, and etc… The people who actually think (or hope) that one piece of equipment that costs 19.95 plus S&H is going to change their life without them geting off their fat asses are ignorant! Maybe Karen could spend some time going door to door to help these poor unfortunate souls fhe is so mad about. Most people know where their local gym is they are just too lazy to go and would rather spend their gym membership fees on quick fixes. If these people are willing to let go of their money so easily someone ought to take it.

Kettles rule. Y’all can suck it.

You tried doing snatches with a KB yet, ZEB? A lot different from DB or BB snatches, ain’t they?

Try 'em between quarter miles and tell me that they aren’t good. You use them for different ends, true, but just like I wouldn’t get rid of DBs vs BBs, I wouldn’t get rid of KBs, either. It’s just another weapon in the arsenal.

My idea: a rubberized sledgehammer.

How about a weighted ball with handles sticking out at 45 degree angles? “Work your body from every angle.” or something.

I don’t know… I’ve been trying to come up with something to productize for a while.

Dan “My First Million” McVicker

How about the HOME LIPOSUCTION KIT…one that attaches to your vacuum cleaner, much like that FLOWBEE thing…You could do your own abdominal etching.

How is the Thigh Master a rip-off? Does it not tone your thighs if you use it? I don’t get it. Nobody was ripped off. Just because it made alot of money off of women who probably bought it, used it for a week and never touched it again, means nothing of it’s value. It just means it was an impulse buy, the women were dillusional and expected instant results. When such results were not attained in a rediculously short time, they quit. That’s it.

Quick & Easy: a page-a-day calendar with motivational sayings, and perhaps nutrition/training tips. Haven’t seen one, it could be put together easily just from reading this site, and wouldn’t be expensive to produce. It also wouldn’t have to “rip people off” with unethical claims. There ya go, ZEB. Want help?


P.S. “You are a nasty little critter.”? Not your usual style. It’s nicer, however, than most of the retorts around here.

Actually that Norris bodyweight machine is a pretty good deal for beginners. There is a professional model that physical therapists use that you can actually add weight to. If you have never used one it’s pretty decent, but if you are in good shape all it’s really going to work is strength endurance.


Well said! I agree that most of the products do work if you use them instead of leaving under the bed, or in the closet.

Now, let’s come up with a great product that will help everyone who uses it!

Come on, there have to be some people in T land who have an entrepreneurial spirit!

You come up with the idea and I will find the financing!

Alicia, are you going to demonstrate an isometric kegel hold on a kettlebell for us? I think women using an excercise like that will benefit all men!!