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Any Good Experiences After Stopping TRT? Or is it Even Possible?

Just wondering, and i understand that people who discontinued there TRT wont talk about it on forums, but how many did, or know folks who got there shit back on track after years of TRT…i know there are topics on TRT for life, but never a vet who explains how long or what hell he went through. any thoughts? and yes, ive been of sinds august 2018, but nothing possitive to say at this point.

You’ve been on TRT for 8-9 months have not experienced any positive changes?? Can you fill us in on your protocol?

Thats like asking if there are any great stories about getting AIDS

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no my friend…10 years i injected testosterone just to feel ok…but without help from doctors…a long story, and now with me quiting i thought that my blood will speak for itself, but again the docs here in Holland slam the door in your face, but thats another topic wich i made, just wondering if anybody got there life back on track after more then a couple of years.

You can’t fix your problem naturally, your high SHBG is your problem and will only increase with age lowering free testosterone. You need high normal free testosterone levels.

If you lower your total testosterone, SHBG increases and free testosterone decreases.

You’re trying to relate to other people experiences with completely different blood biomarkers, if a guy has an SHBG that is low to mid normal, he would stand a better chance at fixing things naturally.

You are not in that category because SHBG will always be the problem that only excess exogenous testosterone can fix, short of a liver transplant, TRT is your only way forward.

Systemlord, thanks for your reply, i hope i can bother you when you have the time to explain in short or long how this SHBG thing works in our body so i can print this out.
I allready read most off your help on this subject, but some i cant use cause ( and you’re 100% correct on this) you also show your feelings in the text about how stupid some docs are ( and yes, they are). I guess you’ve allready read my topic and i assume that the clinic i will be visiting should know this themself about high SHBG, but just in case they also say that SHBG is only used to calculate Free test…then i have something to show…and offcourse i will only print the text, no names, no forums or what so ever…thanks in advance

SHBG binds testosterone, estrogen, thyroid hormones and even insulin. If you have to educate them in anyway, you should probably look elsewhere for treatment.


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thanks Systemlord…and hate to bother you all again, but found some bloodwork from 2011 when i visited my second endo, its more complete but stil greek to me. SHBG was allready on the high end, T3 is of i think and my LH looks low…maybe i’m just seeing it wrong so if any could take a look…thanks

date 22 11 2011
hemaglobine 10.4 mmol/l
hematocriet 0.49 l/l
erythocyten 5.19 10^12/l
mcv 95 fl
rdw anos[cytose ind 12.1%
trombocyten 293 10^9/l
leukocyten 8.0 10^9/l
natrium 143 mmol/l
kalium 4.6 mmol/l
kreatine 86 umol/l
mdrd klaring 60ml/min/1.73 m^2
bilirubine totaal 6 umol/l
alkalische fosfatase 60 u/l
gamma gt 47 iu/l
asat 29 u/l
alat 34 u/l
ld 379 u/l
ck 152 u/l
calcium 2.28 mmol/l
cholestrol 5.7 mmol/l
ldl cholestrol 3.8 mmol/l
hdl cholestrol 1.4 mmol/l
crp <1mg/l
psa 0.79 ug/l
t3 vrij 6.1 pmol/l
t4 vrij 18.8 pmol/l
LH 1 u/l
FSH 2 u/l
oestradiol 17b 70 pmol/l
testosteron totaal 27.2 nmol/l
SHBG 75 nmol/l
testosteron vrij calculated 346.0 pmol/l

I can speak from my own personal experience from quitting on two different occasions that it’s not possible. You may find some BS blogs out there making claim that you can but all they are doing is trying to sell you a supplement or something else. Most doctors have no idea of the numerous withdrawl symptoms you will experience also. Quitting TRT is hell. If you have Low T to begin with and don’t know the cause or how to correct the cause then you will always need TRT. I tapered off with Clomid while correcting my diet and lifting at gym and my level was 193 after 6 months of quitting Clomid. When this all started for me I had Low free T and barely borderline normal total T of 245 with a low range of 240. I look at TRT as a necessary evil.

in three months it will be a year, and everyday when you think that there is no way it’s gonna get worse…think again. But for now i have to wait until my next try at a specialist, and if that doesn’t work out i’ll guess i’m back to screwing with my own protocol.
Atleast folks here shared some great info on this matter and i’m not the only one wrestling with high shgb, so there is Always hope.

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You calculated free testosterone when total testosterone and SHBG are taken into account is 1.02%, 2-3% is considered normal. Men can still have symptoms in the low-mid 2% range and need closer to 3% to be symptom free.

You would have to more than double you natural testosterone production, no one on earth can more than double their testosterone naturally without intervention.

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I quit TRT back in December, and for me it was a good experience, I’ve only felt better as time went on. My natural TT is now 200 points higher than it was pre TRT and I have no idea how.

With that said, even at natural TT of 460 I do not feel symptom free, and will be trying scrotal cream soon.


maybe you lost a lot of weight? change in lifestyle (diet, sleep, etc)?

The only change in lifestyle would be a reduction in stress levels. The point is that not everyone feels like shit when quitting TRT. I feel way better than I ever did on.

So Why are you planning on going on cream? Why not just stay feeling great on nothing?

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It could be that you actually never needed TRT.

But yet he plans to go back

i read his own topics, and it seems that TRT never did him any good, that should allready tell you that your doc is looking at the wrong things, and then there is the time span…1 year of TRT is just a litlle less then a decade like i did. But great he feels better, i feel like shit and i have felt normal with ups and downs on TRT, but mine ups and downs had everything to do with me doing it on my own without any bloodwork and scoring junk online.

That is correct, TRT wrecked me for a while. Just always tired, complete ED, and psychologically a mess. I was with Defy, and have tried a decent number of different things. Countless labs checking all sorts of things. It seems that for a minority of us, TRT makes things worse and nobody knows why.

I would stay off of TRT, but I still am dealing with a moderate level of ED. The cream offers certain perks that I want to try before throwing in the towel on TRT for good.

wow, just had my bloodresults from Belgium and i can come next Monday sinds a spot opened up…
here are some numbers that all are out of sink

erytrocyten foliumzuur 131 ug/l 250-800
natrium 132mmol/l 135-146
homocysteine 14.8umol/l < 8.0
cholesterol total 239mg/dl 140-200
ldl cholestrol 168mg/dl 0-115
chol.tot/chol.hdl 4.41 ratio 2.60-4.00
i guess cholestrol must run in my family that i dont know of, sinds i dont drink or eat unhealthy

vitamine A 59ug/dl 60-110
vitamine E/chol 5.8 ratio 8.6-10.7
sod 1639 ui/g hb 1010-1580
blood thyroids
tsh 1.08mU/l 0.35-4.00
free t4 13.2 pmol/l 9.0-19.0
free t3 3.8 pmol/l 2.9-4.9
anti thyroglobuline 0.00 u/ml <4.10
anti tpo 0.8 u/ml <5.6

urine test so i guess creat means secretion?
jodium 58 ug/g creat 100-200
natrium 39 mmol/g creat 61-143
magnesium 4.5mmol/g creat 2.2-3.5
calcium 2.7mmol.g creat 2.8-4.8
T3 475 pmol/g creat 500-1500
T4 643pmol/gcreat 1000-2000
17 hydroxysteroiden 11.43 mg.g creat 6.06-11.9
17 ketosteroiden total 19.78mg/g creat 5.83-8
androsteron 5.47 mg.g creat 1.91-2.5
etiocholanolon 8.69 mg/g creat 1.91-2.5
DHEA 0.20mg/g creat 0.45-0.75
11-ketoandrosteron 0.52 mg/g creat 0.22-0.5
11-keto etiocholanolon 1.86 mg/g creat 0.2-0.5
11-oh-androsteron 2.05 mg/g creat 0.5-0.85
11-oh-etiocholanolon 0.99 mg.g creat 0.8-0.4
pregnandiol 2.96 mg/g creat 0.41-0.83
pregnantriol 2.55 mg.g creat 0.34-0.92
aldosteron 7.64 mg/g creat 7.83-16.5
growthhormone 10.08 mg/g creat 14.17-32.5

hormone blood
fsh 5.6 UI/L 1.0-15.0
oestradiol <24 ng/L 12-30
Estradiol bio available (E2/SHBG) non calculable ratio 0.070-0.540
progesteron 0.3 ug/l 0.5-1.5
testosterone 34.7 nmol/l 10.4-34.7
SHBG 97 nmol/l 20-55
testo bio available (tt/SHBG) 35.8 ratio 9.0-139.0
androstaandiol gluc 7.1 ug/l 3.4-22.0

this was most that was to high or to low, the list is much longer, but seems all in range
seems my SHBG dropped from 118 to 97…or just maybe different labs?
any input?