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Any Good Docs in London, UK for HRT?

Hi All,

I am looking for a good doc in London that is knowledgable about HGH and TRT, etc. I am close to 40.

Advice is much appreciated.


Balance My Hormones in Dorset, I believe it’s a telemedicine clinic. You will not find any help inside the NHS.

Google “Balance My Hormones UK”.

like systemlord said inside the NHS you might as well forget it.
However outside there are a couple of telemedicine clinics that will be able to help you (for a price of course). I’m currently using Balance My Hormones and the service has been satisfactory

Thank you @systemlord and @revilo12.

I wouldn’t be using the NHS in any SSE so this will be my go to.

I think my private medical insurance will likely cover this.

Hi been lurking a while as I get started on the whole TRT gig but I had a similar question a few months back so my 2c.

Perhaps worth looking into Optimale. I just started with them so don’t have a lot of experience, but so far seem similar on price to BMH (if a little cheaper) and did seem to ask the right questions before referring I.e BMH didn’t (at least initially) ask me for anything other than Test levels, Optimale asked PSA/Proclactin/LH, having said that the doc appt was tick box at best but thats fine for me as I’m happy to read up at places like this and work on dialling myself in. It does look like BMH do HGH as well but I imagine the prices must be eye watering.

I would be interested to know if you manage to get this on insurance, I assumed they wouldn’t cover but its always worth checking.

Thank @clb888

Does anyone costs of HGH, pharma grade gentropin for example?

Hi mate, I’m also with Optimale, been on TRT for 3 months, I pay out of my own pocket for this. Optimale are very helpful - I’m still trying to get dialled in at the moment, it could take a while…

Cool Alastair does seem very helpful and responds to emails very quickly, I just found the doc a bit useless but I guess no surprise there!

Yeah, Alastair seems to be on the ball, always there to answer questions… The doctor that I saw, although very nice, didn’t explain to me that Estrogen could be a problem, I kinda thought the Testosterone injection would be the answer to all my problems, unfortunately I am having problems with high Estrogen, even with small regular doses, I haven’t slept properly for weeks. I am going to be making a decision whether to continue with treatment or not in a few weeks.

That’s sounds rough, the guys on here should be able to help out. Did Opti not suggest an AI?? I’m looking into auto immune thyroid issues at the moment and learning about adrenals etc in that case if adrenals/ferritin/b12 etc if those are off then you need to try to tackle that before thyroid etc none of this stuff is simple all interconnected but I’d say its worth persevering, and this seems to be an excellent place for advice.

I am debating whether I should get my bloods done by BMH or have a full detailed set done by my GP.

How detailed are the bloods done by BMH?

Also can i ask please, if I am at 25%bf at the end of a 2 year bulk, will it not give me an accurate assessment as I have a good amount of fat?

I am leaning towards BMH as I am hoping to get some HGH in the mix.

I typically use Medichecks for bloods seem decent and repeatable, i.e no crazy outliers yet. But if it was me I try and get what you can from the doc (Full blood count, lipids etc) and then fill in the holes with BMH or Medichecks, NHS typically won’t test FT3, ferritin, b12 etc.

I don’t know but my guess would be Medichecks or similar will be more competitively priced than BMH.

If you do get any details from BMH on HGH would be interesting to hear, but I guess the prices will be sky high.