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Any Good Deadlift Videos?


Hey I'm trying to get better form on my deads anyone have a link or url for a good tutorial on locking my back n hips in and setting for a heavy pull? Iv been scouring youtube but have not come across anything yet


Youtube, "So you think you can deadlift?"


Richard Hawthorne has some really good videos on the DL


I made this a while back to document the things I wish someone had told me when I started deadlifting. See if it helps. Note: It's for conventional deads.


These helped me out, and Pwnishers video is also very good


Whoa, you point out some problems I've been having through learning to deadlift via books and online videos, particularly foot position and how my knees get in the way of my arms. I'm going to try a few pulls with your closer stance. Thanks!


Stance is an often overlooked element with folks. Everything begins with foot position. Some just pick some arbitrary foot position and pull. Don't leave pounds on the floor by making this mistake. Generally speaking, to find your optimal pulling position, simply jump as high as you can. You will position your feet where you create the most power, to jump the highest. This will be your starting point with a deadlift. Move your feet in or out, angle your feet a bit to find the best place to pull with your current leverages. I'm not implying other stance widths don't produce good deadlifts, they do, just saying for most folks a stance in that area will serve them well in most cases.
Know that the starting position of the deadlift is a very uncomfortable position. If you are comfy in the start position, you will no doubt not pull very much. To give an illustration of that imagine you squat 405. You know the feeling of how tight you are in the hole just before you explode with the weights? Well, you have to basically get this tight in the starting position in the deadlift to lift that same 405 off the floor. Know that unless one is built like a fire hydrant but have freakishly long arms one will likely have to work hard at maximizing their dead lift.