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Any Good Coaches in Sydney?

Sup guys just wondering if any of you live in Sydney, Australia and know any gyms or coaches that are good. By that I mean coaches that teach to squat to below parallel, have you work hard with heavy weights etc. instead of balancing on a bosu ball while watching TV…FUNCTIONAL!!

I know theres alot of info on the internet, esp here on T-Nation :smiley: but i think having a coach would help me heaps, even if its only like a few sessions to correct form and stuff like that.

hahaha guess not … lol

Saw some good lifting at HK Ward at Sydney Uni but that was a couple years ago and I think they’ve refurbished everything.

Good luck


Great guy has his own studio in Mosman in Sydney. check it out !

I’m looking for a good gym also, I read in some other thread about the Arena gym at Sydney Uni, the prices look alright. Does anyone know of a place with decent power-racks, chalk, and bumper plates? GHR machine would be great as well!