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Any Good Cereals?


Any good cereals out there? I looked at corn flakes, but it contains a decent amount of starch.

Anyone recommend any good cereals?


Define what would be "good" for you. What are you trying to do with your diet right now?


Cinnamon toast crunch.



Frosted Flakes is always excellent,.. or lucky charms, with all of its marshmellow goodness :slight_smile:

If I want to trick myself into thinking I'm eating healthy (which to be honest, I don't think any processed cold cereals are), I'll have Raisin Nut Bran, or Honey Bunches of Oats. Most of the time though, I'm an oatmeal junkie.

I do like though to see the huge variety of cereals offered at Trader Joes,... always makes me wanna just pick of several boxes and go to town. It's also funny to see the other shoppers in the store thinking that everything they're buying is good for them. Quite a difference between 'organic' and 'good for you.'



Other than oatmeal, I'd like to eat Cheerios or Weetabix.


I love me some Ezekiel cereal. Lots of good carbs and not the stuffed feeling from oatmeal.





I never saw that article! That looks yummy.


I make a mix of:

Wheat germ: 6 tbsp
Protein 12 g, net carbs 12 g, fat 30 cal, total cal 102, 30% RDA of phosphorus and magnesium, and has other things

Fiber One original: about 1 cup
Protein 4 g, net carbs 22 g, fat cal 20, total cal 120, another 20% RDA on phosphorus and magnesium, and has other things

Alpen All Natural Muesli No Sugar Added: Unknown amount, less than a quarter cup. Let's say it's 1/6th cup.
Protein 2 g, net carbs 8 g, fat 5 cal, total cal 52

Uncle Sam Toasted Whole Wheat and Flaxseed: Let's say 1/8th cup
Protein 1 g, net carbs 4 g, fat 7 cal, total cal 30

Totals: 19 g protein, net carbs 44 g, fat 42 cal or therefore about 5 g, total cal 304.

Total sugar is about 5 grams.

Then I use Hood Calorie Countdown milk (2% fat, near zero carb.)


if im not eating oatmeal, im having frosted mini wheats. Simple.


I picked up some ezekial cereal(the other flavor than posted) to use on my high days. Don't know if it'll be any good and it's certainly not as fun as say cinnamon toast crunch. It's allowed on my diet while cinnamon toast crunch is currently not :frowning:

I know of more than a few successful bodybuilders who use regular kids cereal post workout though, not everything is black and white about nutrition.


Cinnamon Toast Crunch is my all-time favorite.


so corn flakes are a no go for a diet?


Unless by diet, you mean that your goal is to get plump and delicious for slaughter.


It all depends on the dietary strategy you're following.

IMO, any food can be eaten on a diet. It comes down to understanding the quantity and frequency that it can be consumed while still adhering to the principles of your diet.


Well i mean for days when lifting, eating 1/2 cup of corn flakes with blueberries and yogurt and cottage cheese couldnt be all that bad could it? on days where i dont lift my diet is pretty damn clean.



But also these are good IMO:


and for cinnamon toast crunch lovers...
for which you can seem to always find coupons in my area


What does "pretty damn clean" mean?

And, like the very first reply here asked, what are your goals?

As a meal during a fat loss diet, yeah, I'd say no.

As a rule of thumb (should be rule of the wrist?), Dr. Jonny Bowden has recommended looking for cereals that have at least five grams of fiber per serving and no more than five grams of sugar per serving. You could try stretching that to 5/10 until you get adjusted.

What's your current height and weight?

I just noticed your posting history: "Rice, Good or Bad?", "Skim Milk or Water", "How Good/Bad Are These on a Diet" (referring to diet soda, coffee, and beef jerky).

You really need to get a better handle on the basics of a solid nutrition plan. These should help:


i am 6 feet tall and weigh 190 lbs.