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Any Getting Tired of Eating so Much


I've been trying to eat 6 times per day for years and years now and its REALLY getting old. I'm sick of taking these damn shakes with me and always being anxious about what I'm going to eat next.

It is becoming life consuming and really disruption to life always fixing food and trying to think of what to eat. I think it is also a burden on my digestive sytem as I tend to be gassy and constipated a lot. I'm naturally fairly lean and really active so I'm hoping I can back of a little and stay lean.

Does anyone here stay lean and just eat three meals plus a post workout shake on training days and maybe a late night snack? I'm about to find out!


Hey... What's yer metabolic rate like? Personally I HAVE to eat every 3ish hours... 6 x day... just to keep weight on! But I hear ya... I'm not often hungry... and it is a paint...

I like to take a break every 12 - 14 weeks for a week... eat whatever... and don't train at all... it gives me a nice rest... cuz I get the same deal... fartin' all the time... and always cooking it seems... lol :wink: BUT... You gotta do it...

Try some ginger root for the gas... it helps a lot actually... take a tablet before your meals...


I have a pretty fast metabolism but I'm not worrried about wasting away. I'm at 210 now at probably 12 percent bodyfat which is my upper limit. I like to weigh between 200-205 ideally with a tad less fat.


LOL dude you have no fucking idea how much food i have to eat, its getting to the stage IM LOOKING FORWARD TO CUTTING.

Im THAT sick of food.


how much? sample day!


I think it's one of the best parts of weight training, but I've had a lot of difficulty this week because of a little stomach bug.

I still shoveled it down though. LOL.


If you are so gassy and constipated, you're probably missing something in your diet, eating the wrong foods, and/or taking a protein shake that doesn't sit well with you.

A lot of whey protein's on the market cause lot of GI upset for me. Couple things you can try to help all of this, try a better quality whey, eat more fiber, yogurt or something with good bacteria will help. The only time I drink any protein is after my workout, otherwise I just eat food. Personally I can't get enough to eat, and I eat 5-6 times a day, go to bed still wanting more food usually.

Sometime ago, I was really forcing food down and it DID get old. But two things I think have changed for me, my workouts are more tiresome and intense now, and I think my body finally got used to eating a lot all day.


Ya, I want to hear what you eat in a day.
I need to eat 3,200 to maintain, so i go above that abit...but i always have to rein myself in! Well....not with broccoli.


I have to eat about 4.500 kcals a day (for some time now) simply to maintain bodyweight and the longer I've been doing it, the easier it gets.

  • my digestive system has gotten used to it and the 300+ grams of protein

  • I have a regular schedule which foods I eat on work days, weekends when I have more time and occasions to cook, specific training days etc. so preparing and eating the stuff has become quite a matter of routine and doesn't require much thought or energy any more

  • how I look and feel now compared to how I looked and felt back then is motivation to keep on

  • how I want to look in a few months and all the more in a few years is further motivation

  • there are only few things more pleasant than eating and even foods like chicken breasts, salmon, tuna and broccoli can taste pretty good with some spices... and then there's steak, omelettes, lamb, cheese, ostrich, game, more lamb etc.


Well man I've never had this problem. I absolutely love eating. I get through bout 4,500 - 6000kcal a day with ease.
Are you bored of the same foods, or just the amount, or both!?


You need to learn some new receipes/styles of cooking or just plain try something different.

No one likes chicken breast after chicken breast if they're bland.


I feel ya dude...

But its just something you gotta do... just eat the food and know it supports your goals.

The thinking what to eat part i feel should really be routine by now, or you should just know what to eat. The night bfore plan your meals and then just eat when its time to eat.

Noway could i only eat 3 times a day. I be hungry every 2.5 - 3 hours. even with the PWOS and late night snack

Dont get me wrong but you sound like your falling off the wagon... Wheres the burning desire to be the best you can be? It seems your gonna settle with mediocrity????


So quit.

Cut the boo hoo and do what you like.

If eating fucks up your life so badly then it's likely not worth the benefits that you get from multiple meals blah blah blah.

And if you're naturally so lean the what are you worried about? Dont cry about it. I mean you only live around 70-80 years so dont waste your time doing shit you dont like. When you're dead you wont care. I happen to like cooking. Maybe you need to get that healthy food delivery shit they have down in the states.



I love eating, even if its 6 meals of plain chicken breast, broccoli, oatmeal and rice. Since I started working out I always just thought to myself 'gotta fuel the machine' while shoveling my face with protien bars, meat, shakes ect.. and I dunno that always stuck with me. What I do get tired of is freaking out on my girlfriend when I DONT eat. Missing meals really gets me cranky.


I concur with some of the above statements-

-Do you wanna be big and muscular? If you want it enough,not only wil you shut up and lift,you will shut up and eat.

-If you don't wanna be huge,and are happy with a lean,riped look,then stick with it and work on that.

-If you decide you wanna be bigger,then try introducing more variety in your diet.experiment with different spices,cooking styles,etc.

-If you are naturally lean,you won't need to be as strict as many have to be anyway,so enjoy!

-Are you taking a probiotic/prebiotic pill or drink? I take 2 a day,really helps me with digestion now that I'm puting away almost 4,000 cals.

-I found it hard at first,but easier now.I would imagine that since muscles get stronger if you train them regularly or at least muscles adapt due to constant strains/stresses,it stands to reason your digestive muscles would get stronger or adapt.

-Too many people up their total calories/protein/carbs without upping the amount of fibre they eat,have you looked at how much fibre you are taking in?

-It may be possible you have a food allergy/intolerance.You do not need to see a doctor-There is a very simple way to test yourself for this-take one food out of your diet for two weeks,monitor how you feel,then reintroduce it-if you have an intolerance/allergy you will know very soon after eating it for the first time-

the symptoms will be more obvious as your body has had a break from it and hasn't had to deal with it on a daily basis (usually you will get stomach pains or diarrhoea if you reintroduce a food that doesn't agree with you) there are tens,if not hundreds of thousands of people with undiagnosed allergies/intolerances.

Some of the most common foods that cause negative reactions are wheat/milk/soya/eggs/gluten.

-You might want to read up on acid/alkali foods,eating alkali foods help maintain a positive PH balance,which helps digestion and recovery,among other things.The short version is simply to eat a portion of alkali food with every acid food.Acid foods are most grains-rice,wheat,etc. and all meats and eggs.

Alkaline foods are Vegetables including potatoes (very alkali) and fruit.


You're not alone, my son :slightly_smiling:

I upped my calorie intake by 350 about two months ago and gained a couple pounds. Now I'm stuck at 238 and need to up them again and I'm dreading it. It is hard to imagine eating more food. I'm already lacing my shakes with olive oil and peanut butter. And I'm washing down my solid meals with water most of the time.

This does make me question why I do this everyday. But everyone would be 250+ pounds of solid muscle if it were easy to accomplish. The sad reality is it takes extreme, borderline ridiculous effort to achieve what we're all striving for. Those that give up or slack off never get there. Don't do it half assed -- either do it or quit. You're wasting your time otherwise IMO. Hang in there.

I wish Biotest would come out with a supplement to increase appetite


Whatever, the only part I don't enjoy is cooking the food. Other than that, I'm always hungry anyways... so I always eat. I eat every 2 hours, going up to 6-8 meals a day.

Seriously though, screw you guys who bulk up on something like only 3,500 calories a day and complain about it. You don't wanna know what my food bill is like.


Word, I fucking cut at about 4,000 calories. I eat 6,500 calories a day and I have to make all that food ahead of time thanks to 13 hours work days. My kitchen looks like a Tupperware party gone horribly wrong.

These food prices haven't been kind either. Gas is cheap again, when are eggs going to be $.70/dozen? Or $3/lb flank steak? I bought 3lbs the other day and it was $16.

And if you can bulk on 3,500, you also probably look huge at 180lbs. QUIT YER BITCHEN!


If I had a chef to prepare my meals every day I'd be in heaven. Everything would be so much easier. You shop and get the crap, you prepare it, i'll eat it.


I've learned something from bulking.

Eating 5000 calories = fun
Eating 5000 calories clean = not so fun and damn expensive

Eating more often should be easier on your digestive system since your meals should be smaller. You shouldn't be having gas or constipation, that's your diet (not enough fiber or food intolerance probably).

I feel ya though, eating so much so often can get tiring at times. You eventually start getting paranoid about missing meals.

My friend was telling me how he only spends $75-100 dollars a month on food. I'm lucky to spend that little in a week. My grocery store had a sale on frozen veggies for a buck each last week and I damn near carted off the whole aisle.