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Any Former Smokers?


I'm just wondering. I just recently quit smoking and i'm glad i did. I went to a party the other night and i use to smoke when i drank and i could only smoke half of the cigarette and it made me sick so i just gave the rest of the pack away. I like not having a sore throat in the mornings and being able to run up 3 or 4 flights of stairs without getting winded and being able to run more then a mile without getting horrible chest pains. Its great, i don't know why i ever started in the first place.

anyone else whos quit?


Me. Started smoking when I was 13, quit when I was 33. Am 38 now and like you, am enjoying the simple fact that I don't cough and wheeze doing basic aerobic things.

Other things too - not having to worry about hanging for a smoke while in a non-smoking area and the smell of them.

Oh yeah, cigarettes are taxed out the ass here in Australia too. The average packet of smokes here sets you back about $10 Australian, or about US$8.30 or so. Great incentive to save money (and your life) by quitting.

One of the best life-choices I've made.


I smoke two cigarettes a month........ Seriously, any more and I start to crave them.


I'm only 17, i started at 12 stopped because i no longer could get them anymore and then started again consistenly at age 14. I tried to quit before but it never worked, ever, i just couldn't do it and after like the 3982394 time of tryin i then started smokin cowboy killers.

One day i just threw the pack out the window and just stopped. Cold turkey. I smoke maybe a puff of one every now and then, but only if i have to light my friend's cigerette for him since he can't do it while hes driving for some reason. I tried those patches and those didn't work, the gum didn't work, everything i've tried didn't work.

I just stopped, i didn't have a reason to quit, my parents cared that i did, but they never really said anything cept "that shits gonna kill ya one day and then you'll be sorry".

I'm now glad i did it. I feel better, i sleep better, i lift better, my gains are better, everything is better except I still can't find a girlfriend, all the girls i liked used the excuse "you smoke, i don't like people who smoke" but other then that all is better now.

My parents don't bitch at me, my sister doesn't cry cause she thinks i'll die of lung cancer, i have more money in my wallet and i feel better then ever.


My smoking career only lasted for 30sec when I was 13, couldn't handle the shit taste so thankfully never started.

But just wanted to add that I spend last night watching my wife's StepFather die of cancer. Treatment had become futile and the Dr's had decided to let him die. He'd beat cancer 5 years ago but continued to smoke against all medical advice.

Watching how it hurt all the family over the last 3 months I can't believe that someone would take part in a habit that is directly linked to causing cancer.

On the other hand I joke at work that smoking is good for business and keeps me employeed.


I took it up when I was 16 because it was SO FREAKIN COOL .

Gave it up at 41 .....just because . almost 44 now , so it's been about 2.5 years . still love second-hand smoke ; but hate the stench embedded in my clothes from being confined in mass-smoker area .