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Any Former Beer Belly Lifters?


I didn't want to post this in the beginners thread because there are a lot of young guys there giving advise and I believe that this is something that they really can't relate to.

This is my first year of lifting and what started off to be a weightloss journey (due to being obese from alcoholism) has turned into a obsession with gaining quality mass.

I'm 4 months into my bulk and it's coming along fine however my belly seems to gain fat rather quickly due to it being f@#king huge once.Everything else is growing too but I see pics of other guys bulking and they have excess fat but I can still see abs underneath their stomach fat.

My belly is just starting to get big enough to pop out of my shirt and I can't "suck it in" anymore.
Do any of you guys have this same problem where your stomach just piles on lard too easy due to once having a huge beer belly?
Should I be cutting carbs a bit or just keep bulking for another 8 months and then cut?

Summer here is approaching and I do want to get laid my some quality women.



Well, I never had a huge beer belly. I just had a huge ...well, everything. I'm 15 months into lifting, and it's the first time I've ever set foot in a gym.

I also just finished my first bulk, and it went well, but I packed on some fat as well as muscle. I won't know for sure until I get tanked in a few weeks and get an accurate reading of my lean body mass.

I can tell you that lifting has changed my posture, and my belly just sticks out a bit more now. Part of that is undoubtedly from the muscles I've built in my core. Some of it is probably correcting bad posture I had to begin with.


Is your diet clean?
What's your macro breakdown?
How many times are you eating per day?
How does your body respond to carbs, fat, insulin response, etc.

Fatloss happens in the kitchen, not the gym. Getting your diet dialed in is a process of trial and error. Everybody is different, there is no one size fits all macro breakdown or calorie burn.


Okay I used to be 5' 11" 300lbs of fat ass so I can relate to what you are saying. I'm now in the 180's and I "bulked" up to 205 before I figured out it was to fast. Remember fat cells are imortal, they never go away but only "shrink".

When you have been fat before you have to add size SLOWLY, a lot more slowly than a person who wasn't fat before does.

It sucks but its the facts.


So, since you're closest to what my experience has been (though my lowest is 205)...what constitutes a slow bulk for us ex-fatties?


It's not 30 pounds in a year like I just did. Just went to my belly and moobs...


I did 15 lbs in 2 months, and it didn't come out too bad. I'll know for sure in a few weeks.


Ya - it'll be quite individual and highly dependent on what you consume.


Soledog is right, its going to be highly individual.

For me personally the only way I'll bulk to to up my cals minimally, say 100-200/daily and then see how that works over several weeks. If I am gaining but slowly then i do that until it stalls and then I'll add a bit more. I just can't make big calorie jumps like some other guys can.


Hi. My name's mathineer, and I'm a fatass.

Hi mathineer!

I don't think I started out as an endomorph, but after having been fat, and lost it, and fat and lost it, and... well, you get the idea. I went 'round the world with that yo-yo a few times. Now, my body responds as an endomorph. Not only that, but now I've got some arthritic joints that start complaining when I try to push the heavier weights.

In 2008, I dieted down to below 150 lbs, with a lean body weight of about 127 or so. Then I decided to "bulk". Well, just fuggin' eat, does not work for me. While I did put on some muscle, I put on about about 3 lbs of fat per pound of muscle. Part of it was during a stressful period which involved a lot of "comfort eating" and a fair share of "comfort drinking" too (beer that is). It's weird how I managed to maintain this image of myself as not being that fat, and then bam - one day a moment of clarity - there's a fat guy in the mirror! I have met the enemy, and he is me!

Anyway, I'm with JoeGood on this one. As a former fat boy, I gotta bulk slowly. I also think (and I read this somewhere) that it is probably a good idea for me to stabilize my weight for a while after losing before even attempting to bulk, no matter how slowly.


Thanks guys/girls
My diet's clean....So clean that some people think it's ridiculous. (no birthday cake at parties,yeah I'm hardcore!)
I'm buking on roughly 3300 cals a day.

It sounds as if I'm just paying the price for once having a giant beer belly and there's nothing i can do about that. My scale weight is slowly increasing now but the mirror is showing better results.
As long as my shoulders stay wider than by stomach I'll just keep bulking.



Try lowering the carbs and upping the fat.

Are you familiar with the anabolic diet?


Yeah I'm familiar with that.
Being natural I believe that insulin is the most anobolic hormone that I can take advantage of.I'm still getting great newbie gains so I'll just keep it up for 12 months and then cut.

Like I said before ,I'm simply paying the price for a previous alcoholic lifestyle and really my shoulders are out-growing my stomach anyway so my diet seems to be at the right mac ratio for anobolism.
However when I do achieve the physique that I'm happy with, the Anobolic diet is definetly an avenue I see myself going down.

Check out my pics if that sheds a bit more light on my situation.

BTW - I read ur profile a while ago. You seem like a really cool chick !


Thanks, McM. But cool ain't what it's cracked up to be.


Cheers mate!!

Read about Carb Cycling or do a search engine on this site.


There you go. Just have 2 high carb days a week spaced every 3 days.

former fat men or females (sorry if anyone is offended) need to keep carbs on low side to offset fat gain while either dieting down or bulking up.

Good luck hope this helps.


I read that a while ago and assumed it was focusing more on the experienced BB who's goals were to stay reasonably lean all year round.
Would this approach slow my newbie gains at all??
It's been a little over 4 months into my bulk now and i'm still experiencing DOMS and my chest is just starting to develop now. ( it was my slowest/weakest point)
To be quite honest I have been in the frame off mind that if I have soreness/DOMS then I need to be eating carbs in every meal to help my muscles grow faster.
The only low carb meal I have everyday is 350g cottage cheese/Nat peanut butter/BCAA/cocoa just before bed.


In reponse to your question. No that is for everyone. And it would help your newbie gains actually with the surplus protein.

and your second question more protein helps with DOMS not carbs.


Thanks, that is my motivation for the day. Here is a great food tracking site http://www.onlinefitnesslog.com/(S(vpt4qrys04slmz55i3b1mouu))/default.aspx

If you are into charts and graphs and that sort of thing it is REALLY helpful. Nothing like seeing how something you ate days ago can still affect you


What would happen if an obese person (i.e me)..... who was on testosterone cyp lifted weights but kept caloric intake the same? Could I gain muscle due to the positive nitrogen balance from the test? Or would I just break my muscles down and not heal properly?


Depends, if you are new to lifting, or really even dedicated lifting you are going to see gains from that regardless of anything else. Given the "assist" from the test cyp it should be even easier.

Why are you on the test in the first place though? I'm not knocking guys who use the juice but if you are new its way to early for that sort of thing.