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Any Form Critique Welcome

Any form critique welcome guys, 140kgs on the bar, felt like after 2 reps form would suffer a bit so I pulled up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmGbUWFqs5w

At a glance, work on keeping your chest up, and your shoulders back.

Also try to arch your lower back harder, and drive your hips through after the bar passes your knees.

yep, i think you could be holding your lumbar arch a bit tighter, too.

careful about what it does when you lower the weight, too.

the shoulders back thing is a bit controversial… (some say do it, others say don’t).

if your chest is up a bit more then your hips will probably be a bit lower - which should really work your hammies / glutes.

didn’t look awful, though :slight_smile:

not bad, if you make sure your hips arent rising before anything else first, then everything should fall into place

Thanks guys, a few good points to work on before i really start to increase the weight.