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Any foods or supplements which will increase appetite?


I was wondering if anybody had experience with certain natural foods or supplements that work to increase one’s appetite.

I’m trying to gain some mass (who isn’t) but I have a pretty fast metabolism and can’t seem to get enough “bricks” to the bricklayer.

I’m eating plenty of meals (6-7 a day) but some days I just don’t feel like eating as much as I should at each meal.

Are there any foods or supplements that work in a manner opposite to things like dexatrim or MD6 (which suppress the appetite)?

Thanks any suggestions.

::: Joe


Try anti-histhemine (spelling) ie hey fever medication. When i take them at night, I wake up extremely hungry. It might not work for everyone, but it makes a big difference to me.

B-12, Tribex, Androsol.

hetyey225: I don’t think cold hot dogs, “Ho-Ho’s”, Snikers and Cheese Doodles is the type of appetite increase Joe needs!! :)–!

What are your daily caloric and protein requirements?

Usually fruit will increase my appetite. Try eating a piece of fruit on an empty stomach, before your meal. For whatever reason fruit always makes me hungry.

I had a client who was skinny as rails once and I know his probrlem was getting the willpower to eat frequently. I did a little research on the net and was looking up different herbs and found a couple of hits. I can’t remember what herbs exactly, and like anything elseout there, it might work, it might not. The main thing I found in common was that bitter/sour foods or herbs caused an appetite increase in individuals. I never had a chance to try it on my client, because he got too busy with work and stopped training.


On workout days, my daily caloric and protein requirements are pretty high… I’m consuming about 1.5 g/lb protein and my caloric intake is 5750 at my current body weight, (needs to be 6244 for my desired body weight – according to John M Berardi’s caloric requirements article).

I’m 200 lbs, 6% bf (90.9 kg, 85.45kg fat free mass), I do aerobic and anaerobic workouts in addition to lifting because I’m also a competitive athlete.

I could cut the other workouts but that is counter productive to my goals as a competitive athlete.

Thanks for everyone’s suggestions so far.

Try eating less satiating foods, remember complex carbs, though the best, will stuff you far more quickly, so dabble in the higher GI foods a bit, and you will come to the dinner table hungry.

Wow, that is a lot of calories. One thing popular among my friends for bulking up is to simply add a few tablespoons of a high-fat high-calorie food to their meals. Like 2tbsp of peanut butter to your morning oatmeal and to one of your shakes, and 2 tbsp. olive oil to your tuna or chicken or salad.
Or butter if you’re not too worried about sat. fats. I think eating 6000 cal a day of clean foods, that is to say low fat, is extremely difficult. You need to throw some fat on there.

I’ve always heard that pepper stimulates your appetite. Of course if that doesn’t work you could always try Chinese Food.

there is a prescription drug called oraxin that increases appetite.

Ever try smoking a doobie? If you’re not averse to that kind of thing, then you’ll see that it works wonders in the area of stimulating appetite.

I read that fenugreek can be used to stimulate appetite.

Michael Mooney (who I’m sure you know) says POT or Marinol(pot pills=THC) I’m not being funny it is just the best app stim there is

THC is effective for appitite stimulation however it is estrogenic and can sap your motivation. There is a drug called PERIACTIN, Ciproheptadine is the actice substance it’s an appitite stimulant, do a web search for it.

Of course the easy solution is been overlooked, Eat better tasting foods! I don’t know about you but I always have room for Ice cream