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Any Follow Up To REZ-V?

Anyone have any thoughts on their use of REZ-V? Any new research to indicate that 600mg./day is too little or more than enough to elicit its anti-estrogenic effects?

Just curious, as I have been using REZ-V for several months now at 600mg./day. I think it’s a supplement that you won’t necessarily feel, you just have to believe that the research–both in terms of its anti-estrogenic effects and its general health benefits–justifies its use.

There still seems to be wide dissagrement on dosages however. Some suggesting you may need upwards of 5000 mg./day! Other research, however, seems to suggest benefits from MUCH small dosages.


I was getting effects off 200 mg/day. 600 was too much for me, both in terms of GI side effects and excess glucose excursions overnight (I have diabetes so this is easily noticeable, as I do extensive daily glucose monitoring and dose my own insulin to normalize blood sugar levels). I could definitely feel the extra testosterone on 600 mg/day though. No noticeable effects on endurance unfortunately…

As far as estrogen goes, I don’t think the whole case about what resveratrol does with estrogen receptors is really known yet. One newer publication shows that it upregulates estrogen receptor alpha in muscle, and that this helps enhance muscle glucose uptake. So while it may inhibit conversion of test to estrogen, it does other stuff to the system and it’s probably not safe to say exactly what without more rigorous testing.

Rusty, thanks for the reply.
What exactly do you mean by “excess glucose excursions overnight”, as you’re the second person I’ve seen make similar comments. Do you mean to say that REZ-V increases blood sugar levels? If so, I wonder how this might affect someone looking to get lean?



It does for me but I’m diabetic, my body can’t make insulin to normalize its glucose levels. I would imagine most healthy people wouldn’t have this problem, but then again I don’t know how many normal people taking REZ-V are doing blood sugar checks every night & day…