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Any FL Trainers to Push Me??!!


I'm in Naples/Marco Iland & looking for a trainer to push me in my workouts. Anyone? I play basketball, tennis and of course building a great functional physique are my goals.

Hit me back!


I wish I could find some T-Nation bretheren to train but, I live in Orlando.
Good luck


Look in the Mirror. That guy should push you pretty hard.
Good luck


I was in Orlando for two weeks last month. Where do you train? I lifted at the Worlds on Semoran and at and OBB in Oveido.


Well put.


Exactly! You want something bad enough, you don't need nothing else but yourself. You don't even need the will power (well, maybe a little when you are feeling lazy). You just get up and do it (only if I can do the same for school...).