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Any Fishermen in Here?

Let’s see some fish.

I fly fish, so sorry, no pics of fish I’ve caught.


Brook trout from a good while back. I actually really do suck at remembering to take pics while I’m doing stuff.

I tried fly fishing… I sucked. IMG_1456

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Damn! That’s a jumbo sized bass. Ive landed a few here and there but they’d be a snack for that guy.

That’s my all time best. @ 9 lbs. Hit a Strike King Rage Menace on the fall. I released him. Hope to get a replica mount made.

I did catch a 4 inch Trout in Colorado once !

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Fishing is a passion and when the big ones don’t bite I save the little ones for protein ha

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Nothing like fried fish. Crappie. Walleye. Andie’s seasoning. Skillet potatoes.

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Making me hungry. My grandparents bought a house at Table Rock Lake in Missouri in the early 80’s. They have passed on but it’s in my mom’s possession now as she was an only child (actually had a brother but he was a cop who died in a high speed chase). So we probably get down there 5 or 6 times a year and we almost always fish while there. No pics on my phone at least as I don’t really take pictures of hardly anything except nieces/nephews/daughter. Been a while since I caught anything picture worthy!

Nothing like some beer and fishing to escape the annoyances of the 21st century. One of my buddies had his bachelor party at lake texoma about 7 years ago and man we cleaned up there. Of course one of my friends got us all a guide so it was a bit of cheating.

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No shit ?? My family has a house there. It’s beautiful and peaceful. Small world. Tough fishing though. Go light and finesse. Fluorocarbon line, green pumpkin colored jigs or smoke colored.

Fishing is my drug. The peace. The scenery.

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Yeah. A bunch of wannabe outdoors people from the area I was born go cheating at Roaring River nearby. Like fishing in a bath tub.

Great memories of Grandpa waking us up at the crack of dawn to hit the lake. He knew all the tricks. Our house is near shell knob mo in a little area called Fox Woods.

I’ll probably retire there or Florida

Never been to Florida. Have family there but they always meet us in New Jersey for reunions as we also have family in the Delaware/Pennsylvania area.

Incredible bass fishing and much better weather than the Midwest