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Any Fighters Out There?

After several weeks of reading up on this site and a couple of others I decided to post. I have been working out on and off since I was 16 and I had always thought of my self as fortunate to have good genes in the sense that I would gain muscle very quickly. However, last year I started training in mixed martial arts and at the time I was weighing 197 and at 5’10 I looked pretty good. The problem is I am now at 182. The high intensity work outs have helped me loose fat but have also robbed me of muscle.

About 5 months ago I decided to slow down with the MMA training and started focusing more on my lifting but unlike in the past I am not to happy with my gains. I am now 31 so I am attributing my weak results to age. With that said I have chosen to do a cycle of Primobolan and Winstrol both are injectable. Please note that I am not looking to gain much in size or worst of all more weight. I compete at 179 so I am looking for a little boost in size and performance. I figure if I gain 5 to 6 pounds I will still be able to make 179 easily.

I have 2500 mg of primo and 1000 mg of winny and I want to take it for 8 weeks. After reading several posts I do realize this is a weak cycle and practically everyone recommends test as a base but in my case I am sure my body will react since I have never done any thing. What I need help with is how to take it. How many CCs of which during the week and on what days and so on. Please break it down. Sorry for the long post and I appreciate any comments even mean ones as long as actual advice is given.

I have been doing a lot of research on primo lately, since I’m currently on it. Basically, from what I’ve read, without test the amount of primo really won’t do much at all due to the fact that it’s a fairly weak steroid at those concentrations. 2500 mg would break down to ~300 mg/week for 8 weeks, if you are going to be taking primo by itself I would take twice that much.

Winstrol has a half life of one day, so you would probably want to do around 50mg/day, which seems to give optimal results. That’s more winny than you have, however.

That being said, you might be able to see some good results at 300mg/week primo (1 shot per week) stacked with 25mg/day (1 shot per day!) of winstrol. Even at that low dose, you would need 400 mg more winstrol to start. Because neither of the compounds aromatize you shouldn’t see any estrogenic sides, but it’s always good to have some nolva on hand(50 bucks beats gyno surgery any day of the week).

Thanks bigbugga! I was thinking of doing 300 mg per week of primo during the 8 weeks and 50 mg of winny every other day starting on the 5th week. So you think I should get more winny and do it for the 8 weeks as well? Also, wouldn’t 25mg/day be a lot of injecting? I was told that taking a shot of 300 mg at once is not good. Is that true? The primo is 100 mg per ml. Thanks again.

primo by itself is worthless at less than 600-800mg per week ; considering that you have barely any winstrol to speak of i would just get mnore wherever that came from. For a "barely enoough to mess wiht cycle of those two compounds i would say 600mg per week of primo with 50mg per day of winstrol. What you have will do absolutely nothing.

Several of the fighters I train with compete in the 185 lb. division, and they walk around at 195-200ish before cutting down for a fight.
Test-prop, stacked with tren-ace or winstrol seem to be favorites. From what I’ve seen, lots of strength with no bloat. My buddy really likes 400 mg of test-prop with 200 mg of tren-ace (per week), and his strength-levels at 200 lbs. are very close to mine at 225.

I don’t know if any of this can help you since you’ve already got some gear to work with, but if it were up to me I’d get some more.


Thanks guys I appreciate your comments and I guess I will get more gear. I was just worried about gaining to much weight.

Hey hey,

There are several pro fighters that I consider friends and the gear stacks they use sits at mostly test-tren or test-deca for between fights. From the reading I’ve done (definitely not first hand) I would think that the EPO increase that EQ would bring would be handy for a combat athlete but couldn’t comment any further than that.

Speaking from experience, I’ve had two really productive training periods while on Anavar only 40mg/day(4 wks) and OT only 25-50mg/day (12wks of 2 0n-2 0ff). Neither was accompanied by a huge weight gain (from 195 to 207 back to 202ish, 7 pounds altogether with the OT) , although when I was on OT I seemed to look a bit bigger than I was at 205-10.

Given what you’ve got on hand, why go 8 weeks? You could reach the doses the other guys have recomended in a four week cycle.
Or you could keep things low and go for a longer cycle. There’s nothing inherently wrong with what you’ve got set up now IMHO.

“Absolutley nothing” is a relative concept I think…