Any Feedback on This Protein?

So I’m at Wal Marks tonight, and I come across this ‘Body Fortress’ 100% premium when protein. It’s twelve bucks, so I figure what the hell, you know? It has:

46g whey protein
4b carb
superior source of BCAA’s

Any feedback on this stuff, or did I waste twelve bucks?


I meant ‘whey’ protein.

just drink it man. I’m sure its not the best in the world, but it isnt going to do anything bad… except maybe cause some gas.

By the way… 12 bucks for how much?

twelve bucks for two pounds, which equates to 15 servings of protein at 45 grams each.

I’ve had Body Fortress before. From my experience, it didn’t mix very well, and no matter how long you blended it, there were still clumps of whey stuck to the bottom of the blender and glass. Regardless, it tasted pretty good. I had the chocolate.

But, I haven’t had it in a couple of years, so they might have tweaked the formula.

So we’re talking 2 scoops of protein to get 45g of protein?

That’s your basic cheap whey protein concentrate.

It’s not bad.

It will do in a pinch taste like rotten ass and gave me gas something fierce



Hey Phil,

Believe it or not, I got chocolate (I usually hate it, but it’s all they had) and was pleasantly surprised. It mixed easily, didn’t taste too bad and didn’t give me GI upset.

Maybe I got lucky with this stuff, I’m going to try another protein next.

[quote]kevinlee wrote:
I’m gonna try another protein next.[/quote]

Go Biotest!

[quote]Boffin wrote:
kevinlee wrote:
I’m gonna try another protein next.

Go Biotest![/quote]

I second this. No where better than here IMO. Some other proteins are just advertised a ton with some pretty inflated claims to pull in 16 yr olds but anyone whos opinion I take 1/2way serious never purchased it more than once (again all my opinion).

Cheap Wal-mart protein is fine, and gets the job done if I don’t have my Metabolic Drive with me (like vacation).

I have really, really like it. The taste, the mixing, no gas, good results… as good as with any protein I’ve ever tried. I use chocolate and vanilla. Chocolate with milk and vanilla with OJ and some frozen stawberries. I use a blender and it mixes superbly.