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Any Favorite Eats?

Hey so ive been really trying to clean up my eating lately sticking to getting most of my calories from protein and good fats while keeping the carbs to <40g.

protein shake
egg whites/omellete


and mixed greens


dinner is same as lunch except different meat


as you can see by what im eating its incredibly boring, so i was wondering if anyone has a favorite clean meal post it up and ill make it for dinner tmw. im basically bored outa my skull with meat and salad. snacks are usually a scoop of whey and water or some celery and nuts.

damn bro, that no food at all. i like my diet simple. It consist of chicken, steak, eggs, whey, oats, rice, broccoli, almonds and I am happy

scoop of vanilla protein powder mixed with a couple tablespoons of coconut oil

you could always try whole eggs. The fats won’t kill you.

Also, what do your “snacks” look like?

Yeah, tell us exactly what you’re eating, even for snacks. Also, are you trying to add or cut? I can suggest tons of lovely meals for both :smiley:


hey thanks for the replies boys, ill give you guys an example of what ive eaten today

smoothie consisting of
1 banana
3 scoops whey
3 ice cubes
1 cup milk

1 celery stick with peanut butter

– 5k run and chest day @ gym—

post workout whey shake 2 scoops
post workout creatine


2 turkey fillets
mixed greens with zero carb french sauce


1 scoop whey in evening

thats exactly what i have consumed today and as far as my diet goes thats an extremely typical days intake. im trying to cut my bf% to single digits ( goal ) i currently have a self estimated bf in the low teens.

Get yourself a crock pot/slow cooker & learn to make some carne asada!

[quote]micus wrote:
Hey so ive been really trying to clean up my eating lately sticking to getting most of my calories from protein and good fats while keeping the carbs to <40g.


That’s an awfully low amount of carbs. A lot of people tend to lose energy and suffer in the gym when they eat so few carbs. Maybe you’re fine like that, but you might want to consider getting some more in your diet. Oatmeal or quinoa at breakfast can help a lot, and beans are really really slow burning carbs as well. Of course, fruits and veggies are the best way to get healthy carbs.

My absolute favorite meal right now is as follows:

1.5 lbs of 90% lean ground sirloin
large handful of spinach leaves
Mild salsa to taste

Mix it all together and it’s fucking delicious.

I don’t know why, but I have been having MAD cravings for oatmeal. Old fashioned slow cooked, not that instant crap. I don’t know why, maybe it’s the chewy texture. I have been tinkering with some old Italian recipes going back to my roots. A fig or piece of melon with prosciutto wrapped around it. Covering some plain chicken breasts with some marinara sauce. Damn this reminds me how hungry I am.

Hey, thanks for the replies guys.

xab: yeah dude the low carbs killed me the first 10 days, its getting alot easier now. thank god.tryin to cut the bf tho.

Waylander: sounds good, ill pickup some lean ground next shop and try out your recipe.

deadramones: asada? ill google that man.

maximus: i love oatmeal to man, i hit it pretty hard for the winter bulk. tryin not to touch the carbs tho!