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Any Fans of the Movie Casino?


If you are a fan of Casino, watch this clip. Classic dialogue between Pesci and Deniro- but slightly different....

My abs are still convulsing from watching this clip.


This one is great. So cruel.


Fuck yes I'm a fan of this movie! I think it's actually better than GoodFellas, and is Scorcese's best work, IMO. (I never have seen Raging Bull though)

It's cool how DeNiro's character was loosely based on Bugsy Siegel.


Never seen raging bull ??? For Christ sake go rent it !!!


Is anyone watching the clip on the link I put up???

It's gut busting funny!


Is it just me or is watching Pesci get killed in Casino and GoodFellas the highlight of both movies?

I think he was awesome in both but watching him get killed is a joy.


Raging Bull has to be up there on greatest movies. However,I prefer Goodfellas over Casino. A couple of the characters remind me of family members and I just like the cast in general more.


I agree, I love watching the sick fucker go sick, but enjoyed see'ing him take a jolly good hiding too, but lets face it, all violence is good to watch.

and yes, go rent Raging Bull, very good film.