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Any Extra Advice on Shoulder Impingement?

I am a beginner (<1 year of working out) and I have shoulder impingement in my left shoulder. It’s not really bad, but it does get in the way of my training, and even hurts to do back squats because of my elbow position to hold the bar. I’m going to a physical therapist lately to get it checked up, but if any of you have any advice (extra treatments, how I should load my pressing exercises while/after it’s healed, etc), that would be greatly appreciated

Find a squat position that doens’t hurt. Don’t be stubborn about it and keep using that position just because the pain is bearable.
If it still hurts now, rehab it first. Isometric strengthening first and then when it no longer hurts, you can progress to using bands or light weights. Light dynamic stretches before working out and then static stretching afterwards. Only use range of motion that are pain free. Never train ranges of motion that produce the pain.

Thank you!

These are similar to what I did when I had mine.

Just progress gradually. What I mean by that is that if you can’t do for example 10 count holds, try 5 count holds first. Just be patient and work your way up. Let’s try not to get to the point of needing surgery or wanting surgery for a quick fix.


Dead hang for 2 minutes a day, 30 second intervals. Look up John M. Kirsch, M.D.

I use to get impingement issues ALL the time. I do this regularly now and my shoulders are squared away. Whenever I sleep on them wrong or get a little pinch in the gym, I just hang, and it goes away.

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I’m actually doing those as part of my physical therapist’s recommended rotator cuff-strengthening regimen I do every night, and they are absolutely the most effective thing I’m doing. But I’ll try your advice for the intervals! Thank you!

Everything they said^ I’d like to add, I had some moderate shoulder impingement for years and was too broke/stubborn to go to the doctor. My solution was/is to row until I cant physically stand it. Benching? Doing set of Pendlays first, then supersetting light barbell rows in between every set. Pressing? Doing weighted nuetral Pullups first, and supersetting BW pronated pullups in between. Accessories? Guess what? Dumbbell rowing. Deadlifting? Surprise, more rows.

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Never heard of that before. Will take a look. Thanks man