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Any Experiences With Tongkat Ali?


Does anyone here take tongkat ali? I have been trying to search for it in a powder form or in some way that is cheaper than say Alpha Male.

Could anyone here give me proper dosages of tongkat ali or any experiences they have had with it??


I began experimenting with TA about 6 to 8 months ago . I've "cycled" (for lack of a better word) on and off several times now ........on 8 weeks(2 bottles,30 caps each) , off 2 to 3 . the product I used contains 185mg (200:1 extract)TA ,NO tribulus , and a blend of various other ingredients . currently combining TA with a seperate Trib product .

my thoughts so far ...

*about 70% convinced it boosts libido/erection quality ; cant say if this is due to increased T-levels , as I dont have my own lab nor the funds to constantly have bloodwork done . too many variables present to rely on occasional lab work to determine this(I think). not sure yet if the TA/Trib stack enhances this .

*training-wise , I cant say for sure whether I get better results while taking it . but I've only been training a bit over a year , so I'm not yet dialed in to how my body responds to changing stimuli . now , with that being said , I can say that I have recently noticed somewhat of a "growth spurt"....this began shortly after I started stacking TA and Trib. coincidence ?
not sure yet .

*mood enhancement could be an issue . not a massive difference , just a bit of a "warm fuzziness" , if you know what I mean .

*it takes quite a while to notice any effects when you first start taking it . 3 or 4 weeks if I remember right .

when my current supply runs out(about to finish second of 3 bottles) , I was planning on staying away from both TA and Trib for at least 6 weeks . and then start back up to watch for ups and downs in the effects .

as you can probably tell , I dont convince easily .


thanks for your response marlboroman. i ordered the 140 cap bottle of the older Alpha Male today bc of the trib/tongkat combination. I couldnt decide between that or 3 bottles of tongkat (lj100) which were $15 each (sounded like it could be a better deal, and would last longer). Il try the Alpha Male but i am planning on ordering some tongkat as well.

Did you only take 1 185mg tablet each day?
I cant decide between the LJ100 or capsules found on ebay which claim to have 400mg per capsule. I read on a random site that for bodybuilding results 4 grams is necassary, sounds a little crazy to me.



Just some thoughts about tongkat ali.

You should be aware that numbers bandied around such as 100:1 etc - these are used for marketing purposes - we all know which brand started it. They are NOT indications of strength of dosage.

From a chemical extraction point of view, 100:1 rates the efficiency of the extraction of the process - not the strength of the dosage. 100:1 for botanicals is a "blithering idiot" doing the extraction ratio.

Commercial extraction processes are usually in the range of 30:1.

It is safer to look at equivalent grams or milligrams. At a 100:1, the cost would be prohibitive image 100 kilos of Tongkat Ali root to produce 1 kilo of capsules!

Just my 2 sens. (Malaysian pennies)


I actually ordered a bottle of tongkat ali last winter, i was also trying to search for a cheaper alternative.

I didn't notice a difference in anything really. When I'm on Alpha Male I always feel the difference in my mood and intensity at the gym, but that didn't happen with that bottle of tongkat ali.


If you decide to purchase it in powder form, do yourself a favor and invest in some empty capsules, as well.