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Any Experienced Albuterol Users?

Q1: With sustained release capsules is 16 mg 1 x day enough? (to begin…) or even effective… given its sustained release Im worried its only going to be supplementing my asthma inhalers.

Q2: 2nd day on the dose above and I feel itchy every hour or so… with blotchy red spots all over my body… apparently this is a serious side effect but tbh its just a little annoying… after 10 or 15 minutes it goes away but sure enough it comes back roughly in another hour… presumably from the sustained release of the drug…


A1: I have found 8 mg twice a day effective with CR albuterol, and 16 mg to be a little strong all at once. It is possible that the CR coating can be destroyed through crushing the pill (depending on the mechanism of release, I suppose), though I have not tried this.

A2: Have you tried other forms of Albuterol? This side has been listed as serious, as you mentioned, and you should certainly stop use of albuterol if this appears to continue or be an allergic reaction.

Because i do not understand the complexities of albuterol metabolism and action in the body, I can’t say why you might be experiencing such a reaction, only that albuterol appears to effect phospholipase A2, which has some relation to histamine reactions. I honestly don’t know.

Thanks for your input anyways. I discontinued use for now. Doesn’t seem worth it. I suppose i’ll stick to ECA for cutting. Disappointed though I was excited.

Tried albeuterol, didn’t seem to do much. Clen + T3 and the fat is falling off. Clen 80mcg and T3 50mcg per day.