Any Experience with This Sig?

This is kind of a long shot, but does anyone here have experience with the Sig Sauer 365 XL? Does it have any drawbacks I should know about?

A woman in my shooting class had this model (is that the right terminology?), and for one of our drills, I actually got to load her gun. I ended up loving the feel of it, but wanted to see if anyone had experience with it.

I have a Walther PPS, which keeps jamming and failing to lock back after the last round, so I’m wanting to replace it.

Is this from limp wristing it or a mechanical issue?

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Ha!! I don’t think the instructors who’ve been working with me would allow such a thing, and it’s happened to my husband too. Feel free to check my form. This is from a couple months ago and I’ve advanced a little since then but I’m pretty sure there’s no limp wrist here. haha


You could be riding the slide lock enough to prevent the lock back. I do it all the time with my carry gun.

The XL is a nice piece IME, but as always you’ll need to get some rounds down range to make a call.

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That’s what I thought too! But then I worked with someone who trained that out of me and it still happened. Then it did that to @Chris_Shugart and that’s when I knew it wasn’t a me-problem.

Rest your top thumb in the natural saddle of your lower thumb. See this often. Lean forward at the waist a bit too. More stable platform.

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Yes! The grip you’re talking about here is exactly what helped. The instructor who worked with me a couple weeks ago even drew lines on my hands to get me used to that. And the crazy thing is, it made my accuracy instantly better.

The video was taken before I started using that better grip.

As for leaning forward, I’m getting better at that but it’s awkward at first.

Mainly by uploading that vid, I just wanted y’all to see if I was limp-wristing it.

I get the feeling most lifters have an easier time keeping their wrists solid since we’re used to keeping them solid when moving barbells and dumbbells.

I am carrying a P365 XL right now.

I love the gun.

It sounds like possibly your extractor and/ or spring could be bad on the jamming issue. Does it jam on the last round only or on other rounds too?"

Walther PPS have also had a lot of issues with their seers and triggers causing jamming issues.

On the not locking back issues, that model gun - the magazines are delicate. The ears bend and then it won’t function properly. Have you tried a new magazine?

Okay now I definitely want it.

Oh good to know about their issues! I’d originally chosen a Walther because they sponsor my favorite comedian. But other than these hiccups, I’ve enjoyed using it.

I believe it’s only jammed once or twice before the last round. But it has failed to lock back a handful of times.

It could be a magazine issue (with the not locking back thing) but I haven’t been able to figure out which magazine it is. I also didn’t want to mark up them up if I ever sell it back to the store.

But I could bring some tape or a sticker and put it on the bottom of the magazine next time it happens.

Thank you for the great info!

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At ranges up to @ 20 feet you can point shoot. Master the fundamentals then try that.

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Will do! Workin’ on it. Thank you for sharing your insights. :smiling_face:

Of course
Good to see people training and open to suggestions. There’s a wealth of knowledge on here.

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Love the 365xl. Shoots far better than any gun that small had any right too. I can connect with that thing almost as well as I can with my Glock 17, which is astonishing given the smaller size


Yes, bad magazines cause a lot of problems, but, it you have a “high grip” on your pistol, your primary shooting hand being “too high” will cause the slide lock to not engage. Just make sure your primary shooting hand thumb is off the slide lock.


I carry a standard 365 from time to time, my son-in-law is a police officer and he carries the 365 XL exclusively when off duty.
Regarding your Walther, the magazine is most likely your problem. If the pistol doesn’t have a magazine safety (not familiar with Walther) you can test my theory by loading the pistol, ejecting the magazine and firing. If the problem is in your pistol or your grip, you should continue to have ejection problems. It of course will not lock back.

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Another thumbs-up for the P365 XL. It’s my current EDC. I have pretty big hands and it fits me just fine, and is also pretty easy to conceal inside the waist.

Mine came with a red dot sight that I wanted to try for awhile. I can’t seem to get used to it, so I’m going to go back to just iron sights. Love the weapon, though. I’ve never had a any jamming or locking issues.

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Good thought. I suspect that’s what had happened the first time it didn’t lock back. But then the second and third times I was being watched and instructed by a pro who made me correct that issue.

So it’s likely both were at play! Hopefully the correct hand positions come naturally soon.

I’m actually right outside the range today getting ready to practice and take the concealed handgun permit class.

I’m loving it! There’s nowhere else on social media that I could have these conversations. I’m so grateful to get to learn here.

I’m really excited to get it now. Thank you so much for sharing this!

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Wow, these reviews are so convincing! Thank you!