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Any Experience with Thalassemia?

Hi all,
I recently got some blood work done at the request of my doctor. When it came back, everything looked alright, but he said that I have Alpha Thalassemia and briefly went over it. He suggested I take slow iron and come back and do the blood work again.
I’ve been doing some research and from what I can tell my symptoms are similar to mild Alpha Thalassemia. Some of the articles I’ve read have mentioned that taking iron really doesn’t do anything for Thalassemia and just sort of gets wasted in the system. I’ve taken slow iron for at least 3 months and didn’t feel any difference in my strength.
I’d like to know if anybody out there has had any experience with this and how they’ve dealt with it. I’ve been working out for a while but it just seems like I’m the weakest person in the entire place. I’ve seen people who are newbs, have horrible exercise form, and can still lift twice as much as I can. I’m not looking to set any world records, but I’d like to overcome this feeling of weakness if possible.