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Any Experience With Sledgehammers?


I've been thinking about adding sledgehammer training and was wondering if anyone else uses a sledgehammer? If so, any experiences with them?


It's good for grip and grip endurance but most of all it's great fun. Give it a go.


There is an article on it in the most recent issue of MILO. The guy talks about how to set up your tires so they don't bounce and the importance of safety. He also uses two diffent sizes of hammers. One is a custom made 50 pounder!


Extensive use of them in training. You have any questions - feel free to ask.

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As Monti said, great for grip strength. If you can work up a sled like a firefighter combat challenge has (not sure if they're used anywhere else) it's a great workout. It hurts to straighten my fingers after I'm done sometimes. Great power builder too.


Not in a training scenario, but at work. Used a 16 pounder to break concrete all the time. Works great. Hit something padded though, I heard that striking hard surfaces leads to joint spurrs.


I have a large tire out in back of my house where I do my Sledge Hammer work. I go around the tire while pounding it (over head shots). I do this for one minute then rest one minute.

My heart rate gets as high as when I sprint a quarter mile! I love this exercise!

Of course my wife thinks I'm a little eccentric :slight_smile:


As others have said it's great grip and cardio work. It will also make the wrists strong enough that you can start bending steel! Great fun!