Any Experience with Nighttime Workouts

My gym is really crowded, which means that I can only workout really early in the morning before work or late (say around 9pm). My plan is to use the 9pm slot, but I was curious if anyone has experience with this? Basically, arrive at gym at 9pm, warm-up and stretch (like Ian King’s suggestions), lift with 1/2 serving of Surge and drink my other 1/2 Surge on the way home at about 10:15-10:30pm? That leaves me time for one more meal before bed. P+F or P+C? I’m leaning towards P+C due to Berardi’s recommendations for after training, but would like to hear of anyone’s experience.

I used to train at night. Sometimes even at 10 pm. If u ask me I seem to be more alert during that time of day so its good for me. After training I would have a post workout meal, take a shower, and go to bed.

i would say go p+c if bulking or p+f if dieting