Any Experience with Liver Problems and TRT?

I recently started having abdominal pain around my right side of the rib cage, front and back. Went to the doc and sure enough my liver panel was elevated mildly with an ALT of 102. He recommended an ultrasound, and now they’ve found a “discrete lesion” on my liver, which was noted as a “possible fat deposit”. I’m going back for an MRI and more testing next week. We’re really hoping that’s all it is, and it’s nothing more serious.

Some reading online revealed that fatty liver can be caused by high estrogen, which I had when I started TRT about 1.5 years ago, but it’s been normal for the past year. I’m wondering if TRT could have caused my liver problem? I had an ultraouns for suspected gallstones about 1.5 years back, but the pain associated with that was completely different. During that first ultrasound they didn’t see anything on my liver at all, so whatever this is seems to have come on over the last year?

(Side note: I’m a 35 year old male, who has been on Androgel 5G daily for about 1.5 yrs now. I started on shots initially, which pushed my E2 through the roof, but once I moved to the Androgel everything seemed to calm down).


  • Hakrjak

Did you ever find out what that “thing” on your liver was?
And did you straighten out your P time?
I wonder if my doc even checked my P time? Is it part of the metabolic panel?

I also have a fatty liver, 2 years ago ultrasound showed severe fatty liver with mild enlargement.
I cut all alcohol and dieted and last year it showed Mild diffuse Fatty liver, no enlargement.
Im due to check again.

I see your ALT-AST were elevated. That indicates inflammation. My enzymes were always normal. Doc things its just poor diet on my part.