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Any Experience with Creaticinase and Myoglobin?

Hey guys:-)
Just had bloodwork back in was VERY high in these too. ( 4.500 crea and 480 myoglobin)
Anyone tried this?
I am pretty sure it is because I have been training a lot and very hard.
I know that when it is too high for to long might affect kidney function so now i am doing less gym time with weights.
But any experince shared would be nice:-)

greetings from denmark

Please list all gear, meds [Rx and OTC] and supplements. This could be creating a burden on the kidneys.

Creaticinase and myoglobin are muscle enzymes. Are u get intramuscular injections?

Hard and intense exercise can elevate CK and myoglobin as well.

Thanks ksman:) i take wheyprotein (2 shakes daily), 1 multi vitamin, 2 ZMA tablets (sink, magnesium, b12),

  • And for sleep I take 75 mg seroquel (quitipin) and 25 mg phenergan
    I am on 250 mg test e every 12-14 day.

Yes I get a glute injection every 12-14 day (test e 250 mg)

B6 not b12 in ZMA


360 mg magnesium
40 mg sink
13 mg b6

Your levels are spiking then crashing. You would do a lot better self injecting twice a week.

Yes i know:)
I get my prescription in ampoules 1 ml/250 mg and I am now allowed self injection so soon when I get a vial for storage I will split 125 weekly:)

vial for storage: Better to load two syringes and let the second syringe be the storage. Less opportunity for contamination and wastage.