Any Experience Training Arms Two Times Per Week?

I always did one time per week every body part, a few months ago I started doing arms 2 times p/w. It had visible results, in size and strength. I’m a tall guy with long arms and legs, so it wasn’t easy in the past to put enough mass on those long bones.
I’m not sure if this improvement if just result to shocking muscles in different ways than before, or should I keep doing it. What’re your experiences?

You don’t give age/workout history, but I’ll share some old bro advice.

Being blessed with above average arms, I recently “rediscovered” 3 full body workouts per week produce good results, and for more than just arms. I did them in my 20s , then one bodypart weekly for about 40 years; then push pull/workout splits twice weekly for about 2 years until my rediscovery in about last 3 months.

I like this method very much. If you recover well after a workout, try different arm exercises 3 times weekly with about 6 minutes’ forearm work once a week. Not really heavy weight, just work gradually to as much as you can stand without injury. Probably about what Paul Carter would write.

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Training something twice a week is fine (especially for small muscles like arms).

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I have never really trained biceps, not seriously or regularly, but triceps need volume. 3 times a week (I don’t mean heavy or failure stuff) won’t do them any harm.

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