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Any Entrepreneurs Out There?


I am currently in college and am going to have a crazy class schedule next semester. It will be impossible for me to keep my current job, so I was thinking of starting my own business.

Does anyone have any experience starting their own business? Any tips or suggestions where you got your idea from would be appreciated.

I'm not looking to succeed at first and don't plan to make $100,000 the first year. I would be happy with $6000-$10000.



A realy quick, easy and lucrative one would be lawn care. A $3-400.00 lawnmower, a decent string trimmer and an add in the local paper and you are in business.
Charge $40.00 per hour. If the lawn takes a half hour-20 bucks, with a 15 dollar minimum.
Schedule your work around classes, but beware of Fridays. Everybody wants their grass cut for the weekend.
For addons like granular fertilizations or weed&feed do time+(materials x 1.5).


Your schedule is too crazy for any kind of job, yet you think you have time to run a business and make over $6000 in your FIRST year????

I think the Lotto is your best bet.


If you need money... how are you going to fund the business?


Ha! Lesson #1 for starting your own business: it takes twice the hours and dedication of a job. (Not to discourage you. Michael Dell did it, and he's doing OK.)


Well my schedule might not be "crazy" but it is academy style so Monday-Thursday 7:45-1:00 is pure school. Then Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday is 3:40-5:30. That leaves Tuesday after 1:00 and Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays open for study and work time.

I am not pressed for cash but I would like to be able to have some spending/saving money without delving into my savings account.


Yeah, lots of patience. You'll probably stop to question whether it's going to succeed or go anywhere at first.

Keep records! When you see it grow--even by a few hundred each month--it's really rewarding. Much like a training log.


Try online. Research on how to use Ebay, and find products from warehouses that will dropship for you, meaning you never hold inventory but they'll charge a bit more. You're not going to make a lot of money unless you give 60-80 hours a week for this. Starting your own business is harder work than working a job.