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Any Endomorphs Use High/Med/Low Carb Days?


If so how do you find it? Energy wise, body comp ect


Hello mate.
First of all, somatypes like 'endo' are bullshit. These are descriptions of the present, only. Will you be an endomorph when you diet down to 8-pack lean?

As to your question, I have do use high/ medium/ low. You have to stay honest. You must suffer somewhar to get lean, especially if you start out chubby, as I did. Hunger is fat, leaving the body. I follow Justin Harris' logic. He advised to keep the low days LOW and the high days HIGH.

Maintain a calorie deficit over a weekly timescale. I usually go LLLMLLH with the high day not being a whole day (can easily lead to indiscipline) but rather a finite timeframe on Friday evening, say 3-4 hrs, during which I'll.shove high carb, low fat treats like rice cakes, cereal bars, sherbet, RK squares, waffles and maple syrup etc. Sources to investigate: Jamie Lewis' predator diet, Kiefer's Carb Nite, Shelby's carb cycling for mma (you can get this as a free pdf), Lyle McDonald's UD2.0, DiPasquale's Metabolic Diet, and of course Skiploading.

Consider also your training: many have found that HIIT/ sprints/ multiple weight sessions and very very low carbs do not mix.


You no what i mean, if i was to quit training and allow my diet to get slack id get fat, not super skinny. carbs are not my friends haha. Thanks for the sources, i got shelbys ebook "lean gains" just curious to see anyone elses experiences.


If you can operate on lower carbs there are alot of beneifts for the Endo.I personally have had great success on a 3,500 cal a day(cutting),

45% protein, 40%% fat, 15% carbs diet for the 6days a week. I do allow a "high carb" cheat day to replenish glycogen though on day 7.

Its worth messing around with it if you're looking to take things to the next level.