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Any EDT Experiences?

Anyone here have any pos or neg experiences with Staley’s EDT programs?

I’m coming back from a cervical disc injury and need a major bodycomp overhaul! I decided to give EDT a try. Have done one workout so far and I must say it kicked my ass! I’m doing upper body/post chain EDT on Mon, conventional lower body routine Wed, and upper body (with different exercises) EDT style on Fri.
By the second 15 min exercise pairing, I was sweating like a whore in church and definately winded. Feel free to post any experiences you may have had. Thanks

Its great, so far. I’ve been doing it a couple weeks now. I have mild problems with my shoulders, so the extra shoulder work that he mentions is important for me to do. Also, it took me some time to figure out how much weight to use. I started out with way too little weight. It definitely kicks my butt, and makes me want to push myself in the gym.

Check this out:


EDT for fatloss is my favorite, even when I’m adding weight. The singles are a great way to improve in vital lifts.

I used it couple summers ago

did snatches and overhead squats back to back… I cut the reps to 3 rather than 5.

Biggest my traps/upper back have gotten, and got my overhead squat up to a little over bodyweight for reps.

That was the most motivated I was training in a LONG time.

has to be one of the best programs I could ever reccomend to someone.

[quote]teamstaley wrote:
Check this out:


I never got my 2005 training summit DVD ;-(

It’s all good though, I liked getting all of those books, GREAT buys for anyone looking for a book to get. Staley is a very good motivational writer, and he gives you many different ways of looking at things you didn’t really know before.