Any Drum Players?

I’ve always wanted to play the drums so I’ve finally said the hell with it, I’m going to give it a try. I’ve got a friend that’s going to give me a few pointers and I’m probably gonna screw around with a practice pad for a while.

My question is what’s a good entry level drum set? This is nothing I intend to rush out and buy but something I’m going to seriously consider a couple months from now depending on how much I enjoy it.

DW (Drum Workshop) is an industry leader -top of the line actually, but their secondary, or entry level line, Pacific Drums, is awesome as well.

They have an awesome sound. They’re well built and have good, reliable hardware to boot.

If you’re truly just starting out, you may want to pick up a old banged-up kit from ebay.
They also have plenty of new “starter” type kits.

Here’s another link to help you set-up and tune your new hobby.

You might look into an electric kit -depends on where you live -where you’ll be practicing and whatnot.
The neat thing about electric kits is that you can “plug-in” and play and no one has to hear it but you!

A big bonus, as you’ll undoubtedly suffer from the “Drummer’s Curse” initially.

What’s the curse?

NO ONE likes to hear a drummer PRACTICE


hey, I’ve been playing for 15 years, classically trained, played pretty much everything you can hit with a stick and every type of music. Practice pads can be boring, but are great for learning technique and rudiments. Check out these books:

Syncopation for the Modern Drummer
by: Ted Reed

Stick Control
by: George Stone

Fundamental Studies for Snare Drum
by: Garwood Whaley

I’ve owned all three since before high school and still go through them once in a while and learn new things.

Once you have the basics of playing the snare drum down, then worry about looking for a kit. It’s a lot easier to learn how to play 1 drum with just two hands than it is to try and learn how to play multiple drums and cymbals with all four limbs.

This link lists a bunch of other books that are all pretty much fantastic. For learning the kit, I’d recommend Gary Chesters “New Breed” it’s a very solid book, one of the first ones I used when I started playing kit.

I’ve been playing for 22 years…No need to get comlicated or overthink this. Just look in the paper or get a used kit off Ebay. You can get away with getting a nice used kit for 500 or under.

advice is start small…i know way too many people who went out and bought a set without realizing just how hard it is to maintain four part independence (aka two arms and two legs doing different things, at different times) while trying to keep the beat. start with a drum pad and practice practice practice.

Thanks for all the info guys. Much appreciated!