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Any Drugs That Help Shoulder Tendinitis?

I snapped my collar bone clean in half 4 years ago and it is now shaped like a banana (slight exaggeration). Since then I have gone from 70kg to 110kg in weight by lifting 6 days a week with no rest weeks. My shoulder has been able to deal with it ok until recently where I’ve had some serious pain that built up over 2 weeks, it’s now got to the point where I can’t train. I can lift my arm sideways as if doing a lateral raise with no pain at all, but doing the movment of an overhead press causes it quite bad pain. I went to my GP today and she said it is tendonitis/tendonosis. She prescribed me naproxen and said it’ll heal with rest but I need to wait a month after it has healed until I lift again. The problem is I am addicted to lifting and I know I can’t wait that long. I just started a testosterone/tren cycle 2 weeks ago. I haven’t started the tren yet and won’t add it until my shoulder heals. For now I’m just using around 600mg of Sustanon per week. Will the test help speed up the recovery or should I PCT and save it until I have healed? I have some MK677 there too which I might start using again because it is injury healing properties. I’m taking vitamin D3 10000ug per day and 4000mg of fish oil. Is there any other supplements that will help? Also I have been using a microwaveable heat pad on my shoulder pretty much every hour of the day. Is this a good idea or should I be using ice? And will voltarol gel or ibuprofen gel help?

I have been talking to a friend about GH since he thinks it might help the recovery, I have wanted to try it but planned to when I’m a bit older as I’m only 23, and at £130 for 100ui - I’m not too sure if i want to risk it as I already just spent a bunch of money on gear for my current cycle. Has anyone on here used GH for tendon related problems and how effective was it?

Check out BPC157 and TB500.

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Cheers will do. Have you used them yourself?

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For tendon related issues you should give a try to MK-2866 (Ostarine). For me it did wonders healing completely multiple chronic tendinitis in left wrist, both forearms, left elbow and right biceps.

I’ve cycled ostarine once before along with cardarine twice and mk677 multiple times. I’m not sure about sarms though since the osta and cardarine had zero effect. They are so commonly faked now so I’m not sure if it was bunk stuff or not. I’m leaning towards tb500 for now because so far I’ve only read good results especially for tendon problems

I had high hamstring tendinitis and some shoulder pain. BPC 157 knocked out my hamstring issue within a couple of weeks and I never felt the pain again.

My shoulder is great day to day now. I feel it a bit on flies if I go super deep, but that is all. Whereas it was a nagging pain all day every day.

Can you please give me rough figures on the length/dosage and also how much it would cost for a full course of the BPC157?

I ran 300mcg once a day into both injury sites (600mcg daily). Midway through week three I dropped the hamstrings shot, and did 300mcg twice a day in my shoulder. That seemed to do the trick, although I wish I had run it an extra week. I only had enough for 4 full weeks.

You’ll have to do research on cost. It varies widely. But be careful, a lot of places sell fake stuff.

Ok thanks a lot for the info, I never knew these peptides even existed. A friend of mine has been using ukpeptides so I guess I’ll just go with that

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let us know how that goes, I’ve looked into them before.

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Make sure to do some internet research on storage, handling, and reconstituting. You don’t want to waste your money. Also, for small amounts, a 1/3 cc insulin syringe works great


When you fractured your clavicle did you go to a doc? I can’t imagine they would not use internal fixation to reduce the fracture.

BPC157 worked for me on herniated disc pain… Ive pinned near elbows too… I think its good stuff…just get 31g half cc pins you can pin it anywhere… Thats the same thing ladys use for botox…
Im a fan of running hgh too 365 a yr why not helps with recovery so as you get older think about it

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It wasn’t a fracture it was a clean break, split in half right in the middle. Yes I went to hospital and on the xray you could see one half of the bone was sticking out, slightly over the top of the other half. Still they did nothing about it - other than give me a sling and send me on my way. Now the bone is sticking out shaped like a banana, with a lump of bone in the middle. Its hardly noticable now I’ve put on more meat, but when I was 70kg it looked dreadful. Surely they could of put a metal plate there or pins to position both halves together, but the NHS is fucked too busy with scumbag assholes that can’t handle their alcohol and get into fights

I will do, ordering the BPC today. Two 5mg bottles and some bac water comes to around £50, then I just need slin pins and that will do me for a month which I hope will be enough to more or less fix it.

Depends on the amount you consume. At a certain point… no one can handle their alcohol (passing out, vomiting, renal failure etc)… It’s seriously one of the most damaging substances we have at our society in terms of recreational drug use (both licit and illicit). Many of the “dangerous” drugs we are taught about in school are actually somewhat safer in both acute and chronic settings within relation to abuse/dependence potential and physical harm induced comparative to alcohol.

Take Benzodiazepines for example, they have a high potential for abuse/dependence formation, if used chronically can have deleterious effects on cognitive function. If one is asked “what’s more fucked, taking a Xanax or drinking a case of beer” most will say the first option… however in terms of the actual amount of damage taking one Xanax will do, alcohol actually comes out on top in an acute setting. Chronically, aside from addiction, a benzodiazepine (usually) won’t induce kidney, liver failure, ulcers etc… which makes me wonder, why is it alcohol is legal, yet something as simple as a cannabis cigarette has the potential to have me jailed? Societal normalisation in relation to large scale coorperationos marketing/instilling a sense of normality with said substance is probably the answer.

I’m not saying benzodiazepines are good, they’re one of the riskier substances one can abuse… however I’m just pointing out that alcohol is on par with, or even riskier than many of the substances we deem to be incredibly dangerous. The NHS has to deal with alcohol more frequently because alcohol is an incredibly dangerous substance when abused. Think about this, many abuse alcohol, the use of alcohol as “social lubricant” fits my definition of “abuse” yet if you were to tell someone residing from an older generation “hey I’m going to smoke a joint/pop a pill for my social anxiety” they’ll typically say “you’ll get addicted, have a few drinks instead”… Whenever I hear this I simply think “what the fuck, that’s on par, if not worse that the initial decision”.

I’m not saying self medication or drug use is the right way to go about things, I’m merely pointing out the ridiculous nature of societal double standards present today… I know plenty of kids who binge drink 2-3 times per week chronically (not like “hey I’m on holiday”), they do this all the time… that’s not “having fun” that’s “I have a drinking problem”, if someone was popping benzodiazepines or amphetamines 2-3x/wk in social/clubbing type situations, we’d all say “he’s addicted to drugs” but because alcohol is freely accepted (at least in Aus it is) and LEGAL, we think “well he’s just having fun”… that’s not fucking having fun, if you’re going out and drinking 10-15 standard drinks 2-3x/wk, chronically… that’s a drug problem… not harmless fun

I agree, it is so easy to become addicted to Bezos. I can’t really talk shit about addiction since I used to be addicted to diclazapam which is a research chemical that makes diazapam look like a multivitamin. That stuff is dirt cheap from China and lasted all day. I used to take between 6mg and 12mg a day for months. All while on SSRI medication, sleeping pills and perscribed lorazapam. Also with vodka most days and at least 14grams of cannabis a week. I got to the point I couldn’t remember anything or hold a conversation, sometimes I would not know where I was and people at work would find me wandering around the car park. This caused me to take 6 months off work and i lost everything, literally had to start my life over from square one. That was when I was 20 and was suffering absolute horrible depression and anxiety which led me to use so much drugs. Now I have a girlfriend and a son who just turned 1 and am looking to buy a house. I am completely clean now besides the odd hit of weed on days off, all without any help from the health are system I chucked all the medications away and did it myself because all they would do for me is tell me to keep taking the pills or just blindly up the dosage.

You mean Jeff? I know he is such a cutie, right? Speaking of cuties, look at that sweet lil baby face.

All drugs can become problematic when abused, some addictions are more problematic than others (cannabis vs heroin etc) however even cannabis isn’t the harmless plant many younger individuals think it is (though it certainly isn’t the devils lettuce that many boomers tend to advocate it to be).

Cannabis addiction can significantly alter one’s quality of life, I’ve seen it through a friend (no longer close, but we used to be inseparable when I lived in the states). Started smoking a little bit of cannabis, within a year he was going through about 7g/DAY, then he moved on to harder stuff (unrelated to using cannabis, he always had the poster-boy type personality for the kind of person for addiction)… the revelation of our friendship being practically over due to his terrible decisions made me very, very sad. I tried to keep in touch, but we’ve since completely lost contact after the last time I saw him, there’s no helping him now, it’s up to him and himself only to work his way out of the rut he’s in (or otherwise continue what he’s doing and likely die at a very young age)

He did have a very difficult life, however he did not handle his troubles adequately… instead of talking to others when down, he turned to drugs, alcohol and whatnot. he became a shell of the person I knew him to be the last time I saw him… I tried to help… but after a while one realises that you have to let certain people go, or they’ll simply bring you down with them.

Back to cannabis, whilst we don’t have a whole lot of scientific literature on the subject, it’s sufficient to say that regular (as in daily/multiple times daily) and HEAVY chronic use of cannabis may induce irreversible cognitive deficits. I’m not talking about medicinal usage, wherein someone takes a hit off a vape pen or whatever to control anxiety, I’m talking about “bro I smoke like ten joints a day man” style abuse. Not to add carcinogens found in cannabis smoke have many similarities with carcinogens found in cigarette smoke, the only difference being cannabis smoke contains (some) antioxidants and doesn’t paralyse the cilia within you’re lungs (unlike tobacco smoke) and thus the lungs can somewhat filter out the toxins, hence the lack of a correlation between cannabis and lung (and other areas) cancer.

All compounds can be problematic when use becomes out of control (this includes steroidz), what I was merely trying to say is that many think that alcohol (in the context of getting sloshed) can be used responsibly… when getting shitfaced, this is no safer than abusing (most) illicit drugs, aside from having quality control, the potential for abuse/dependence is about on par with most harder drugs, thus the societal notion/double standard in relation to ethanol vs cannabis, benzodiazepines, psychedelics and perhaps even ketamine is ridiculous… (granted I’ve only used cannabis, I’m going by what I’ve observed)… The drug I’ve seen the worst acute consequences from is… alcohol (fights, risky sexual encounters, injuries, alcohol poisoning)… Alcohol abuse is as simple as “I like to have a drink or two after a hard day because it relaxes me… and that’s every work day”… nope, that’s drug abuse, it’s fine if you do such a thing, but acknowledge it’s no better than taking drugs.

Cannabis is being legalised for recreational purposes, it should be pointed out it doesn’t mean this substance is healthy, it merely means (and rightly so) the public wishes to take the substance out of the hands of criminals profiting off of it and that the police can spend their time handling more serious business like targeting ACTUAL criminals rather than anyone holding a bit of weed for personal use (unfortunately most of Aus is waaaayyyy behind here, in NSW they have sniffer dogs out in public/at train stations, police ready too (illigally) strip search you upon indications you might be holding anything. Granted this is in response to a methamphetamine epidemic, however people with weed are being caught up in the mix.)

I’m an advocate for the legislation of most drugs, as I believe as adults, most of us can make the decision to weigh the risks/rewards of our actions and do as we please… we don’t need a government body infantilising us. Doesn’t mean I think drug use is healthy, I do however accept that for many (myself included) recreational drugs will come up during our lifespans, and the “just say no” option simply doesn’t work, as humans we are naturally curious and thus amenable to experimentation… Not to say “responsible use” of drugs is particularly a thing, however many can get away with experimentation without addiction. I know of MANY people who smoked pot in high school/college, some even trying benzodiazepines, cocaine, ketamine, MDMA etc… they’re fine now and leading successful lives… On the OTHER hand I know of a few who used cocaine once, kept using, now they’re fucked. It’s all individualistic (and one MUST think about the potential for addiction/abuse and the potential medical ailments associated with use carefully before partaking in any activity)

Then there’s heroin… don’t get me started on that one. Public perception of the drug is rightfully terrible, as the drug is horrendously powerful and addictive. Yet public perception on abuse of opiate painkillers (at least in Aus) doesn’t seem to be NEAR as problematic. I know of many teenagers who have orally taken, insufflated or smoked oxycodone, but along the lines of actual heroin they think “that’s fucked bro”… nope, they’re just as bad as one another in terms of addiction/abuse potential. This is retarded, how can one POSSIBLY think it’s safer to abuse oxycodone in terms for the potential to get addicted… oxy is how many get addicted to heroin in the first place (when they can’t afford it anymore yet need the fix) and many addicts actually prefer oxycodone over diacetylmorphine. The TRUTH is (unlike what many believe) you aren’t instantly physiologically dependent on heroin the first time you use it… but why would you be dumb enough to use it in the first place if you were in the right state of mind and well aware of the risks at the time? Just because something won’t become addictive on the first try doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to use. The feeling of euphoria that is associated with heroin use may have a user thinking a few weeks later “well, that felt really good, and I’m fine now… so I might as well use it occasionally”… then occasionally turns to weekly, twice-weekly, then daily and so on and so fourth.

Granted I do know of one individual who used heroin accidentally and never used it again (key term however: ACCIDENTALLY)