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Any Drugs Exist to Re-Sensitize Test Receptors?

i’ve been on trt for the past 7 years, 2 of the last have been under doctors prescription and monitoring. i went from 400 to 300 and now down to 270 MG of enanthate a week. my doctors tells me its in my head you cant feel a diference of 10mg…but i do !! before i atempted to get down to 250 and man oh man i felt anxious low self esteemed and a lot more shy and eye contact problem within the 4-5th week mark after ajusting…i know this is going to be a lonnng process so my receptor sites feel good at 250 my goal is 200 to 180 btw. my question is really the following

does it exists a drug or a suplement that can help receptors to be sensible again faster ? a guy at the gym said rad 140 and i looked it up and that seems like bullshit some other guy said proviron ? well not sure about that thanks a lot and sorry my english XD lol

What are your testosterone and FT numbers on each dose.

It isn’t unusual to feel a difference from blast to trt / cruise. What doses you started at and are likely still at are blasts.

I have heard injectable L-Carnatine can help re-sensitize AR. My understanding of this is limited & would be great for someone smarter to chime in. But I’m going to try 30-60 days of LC & see if I notice a difference