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Any Downsides to More Frequent Injections?

Defy has me on 3 times a week to avoid needing an AI. I recently had a run in with potentially low E2 while trying to take matters into my own hands. I have noticed that after an injection (T cyp and HCG), I start feeling better within hours.

Anyways, is there a downside to more frequent dosing? It always tends to backfire on me when I go against doctor’s orders, so I’m kind of hesitant to go against Dr Saya’s 3x/week.

The more the better.i started at twice a week and felt better at 3x a week and then better at eod and great at ED


The more frequent the better. Proven time and time again. Cannot be argued.

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Oh wow.

Would there be any downside to every day if the time is inconsistent?

For example, 10am every day, but stay at a friend’s on the weekend and then doing it at 5pm that day?

Also, what is the best way to buy more syringes and needles, as a Defy patient? They’re just Easytouch insulin ones, 27G and 30G

I rarely take it at the same time every day. Don’t worry about it. I buy my needles in bulk online.

Depends. I have a high SHBG, so I benefit from a single, large does weekly injection.


Do you?

Have you tried every day?

Do a little experiment at one point. Try EOD for a short period of, say, a few weeks. Then report back if it was better, worse, or the same :wink:

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What exactly is the reasoning behind this?

The idea is if you have a lot of SHBG then a large amount of testosterone kind of overwhelms it, causing more free T to be available.

I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, just that that’s the idea commonly stated here.


Ah gotcha. I’m usually around 40 SHBG

I’ve written about this at length several times. The Jody doesn’t produce T once a week. It makes it constantly. When you give yourself a large dose once weekly your body never fonds a stable point where all the other hormones can stabilize to. It’s in constant flux. Frequent injections prevents this from occurring. Also, larger doses result in more aromatisation to E2 which means you wind up with less testosterone. Smaller doses aromatise less which means you wind up with more testosterone. There are lots of benefits to frequent injections regardless of your SHBG levels.


This makes sense, I can’t argue with replicating what the body does naturally.

But on TRT, does less aromatisation still effect T levels? Or is it just to prevent high E2? I.e. on natural T, higher E2 lowers T production

No, not at all. All you have to think of is that if you’re taking a larger dose all at once, it will aromatise more into E2. E2 is our friend and we should cherish it due to the massive benefits it has in the body so we don’t worry about it, we don’t block it, and most of the guys in our group don’t even measure it anymore. What you do have to keep in mind is that when more T aromatises into E2 you will wind up with less T. You will always wind up with more T splitting up your dose into 7 small daily injections per week than you ever will with one big weekly dose.


Ah, I didn’t think of it that way. If it’s being converted, that takes away from the T as it’s being used up. Duh.

Mind sharing where you buy needles? A lot of these sites look mad sketchy, like they should be selling 10 iPhone cables for just shipping and handling while they’re at it, lol

I’m interested in this. I have always been a 2x a week guy, even being high SHBG, I didn’t care for the once weekly injections. I wouldn’t be against trying three times a week if it meant more free test. Does it lower e2 though?

I was always under the impression that your liver can only metabolize so much at a time, so daily injections wouldn’t really matter since your liver is still cleaving off the cypionate ester from the last shot.

Right now im on IM because I felt like shit with Sub Q, very underwhelming. I have high SHBG, in the 47-55 range, usually 50’s.

You can try every other day, if you are doing IM shots its pretty important that you rotate your injection sites every time though. That’s a lot of holes to poke in your muscles in a one year period. Also some people benefit from doing ART, or other forms of breaking up scar tissue that builds up from the consistent IM shots.

Based on everything I just wrote, why would you be concerned as to whether or not it lowers E2?

VERY high SHBG guy speaking: I am feeling better on 3X a week than I was on 2X a week. Anecdotal, obviously, but thought I’d share.


How high is your shbg? @bkb333